FIFA 23 (PlayStation 5) Review

By Neil Flynn 02.06.2023

Review for FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5

It looks like FIFA 23 is set to be the last game in the long running FIFA franchise. Series developer, EA Games and FIFA are set to part ways after 30 years of building one of the biggest video games on the planet. It might be right to call time on the partnership, with EA citing creative differences being one of the core issues of working with the FIFA organisation. Arguably the newfound freedom may reignite EA to make a new product that isn't held back by licensing agreements that has made each FIFA game so formulaic year after year. Currently, there does not appear to be any other developer looking to jump into an agreement with FIFA on picking up the mantle so, right now, as it stands, FIFA 23 is the final hurrah. Is it worth a last look? Read on to find out.

It certainly feels a little mundane reminding readers each year of the same features that appear in FIFA. To put things bluntly, not that much has changed from FIFA 22. At least that is what the general consensus often is, but as each year goes by, EA manages to build and iterate on the previous entry, and FIFA 23 is no different.

Interestingly, there has been quite a subtle overhaul to the animations, with EA's dubbed Hypermotion 2 system which has changed up how dribbling works, with new responsive technical dribbles allowing for tricks and moves to be executed to get past opponents.

Alongside revised jockeying and acceleration is the far more abrasive addition, Power Shots. If a striker ever finds themselves with an abundance of space, then activating a power shot can put a screamer in the top corner of the net. It's not a given though - there is an element of risk-reward of putting too much welly on it and sending the ball well into the stands. Power shots definitely feel like something players would see in the Mario Strikers series, not in a simulation of FIFA. Perhaps this is a taste of additional gameplay methods that will be added in the years to come.

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The next biggest, and coolest addition to FIFA 23 is the addition of AFC Richmond from the Apple TV show, Ted Lasso. The fictional team, alongside the titular manager himself, Ted Lasso are completely playable in FIFA 23, although not in Ultimate Team, which is disappointing.

Speaking of Ultimate Team there are a handful of changes that most likely won't change the fundamental gameplay for the vast majority. The chemistry system for example has changed, connecting nearby players based on their nationality, team played for and league played in. FIFA 23 allows for all players in the squad to build chemistry with one another no matter where they are on the pitch.

The most noticeable addition to Ultimate Team is FUT moments which is a mission-based mode where challenges are set based on real-life scenarios from footballing past. Completing the challenges allows for currency to be earned, so it is certainly worthwhile doing. Greasy micro-transactions and loot packs are still there for people to spend their hard-earned real world cash on, but as it has been said before, it is perfectly achievable to build great squad using the in-game currency and other unlocks via challenges and free gifts.

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FIFA 23 is perfectly serviceable - the gluttony of FIFA fans won't find much to complain about. Truth be told, the formula is so one-dimensional that it is hard to get wrong after iterating on the same product year after year. Subtle tweaks to gameplay do mix things up, but not enough has been done to refresh the modes on offer. Either EA is out of ideas, or they are storing them up for the next game in their new franchise. Anyone looking for a football game in 2023, though, should certainly stick with the tried and tested FIFA.


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