It Takes Two (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Michael McCann 11.06.2023

Review for It Takes Two on Nintendo Switch

In recent times, Geoff Keighley's Game Awards has become a hot date in the gaming calendar year for any self respecting patron of the arts. Since its conception, fans have tuned in from across the globe to bear witness to the freshest trailer reveals, the best 'ear' reveals and portend to the biggest winners and harshest snubs given at the awards - across categories such as 'Best Audio Design' or 'Best Community Support, presented by Discord.' … One could say it's also a hot debate in the gaming calendar year! Ha. ha. The highest accolade of all is the coveted 'Game of the Year' award. Customarily, this is reserved for the biggest of budget triple A fare, the one that the most people will have been exposed to, but in 2021 this wasn't the case because an exclusively co-op divorce-themed platformer is what seized the top honours that year.

Playing the Nintendo Switch port of It Takes Two, 2021's Game Awards' Game of the Year, in present day, it's kind of hard to imagine anyone thinking of it as Game of the Year, let alone permitting it to win. This was a year in which Metroid Dread was also up for the award; a title that certainly will stand the test of time when we, all who have survived, collectively look back, after a decade or so passes, in a wistful rage.

Certainly, award shows are primarily advertising events and this is no different with the Game Awards. There could be any number of factors bearing upon an outcome. It Takes Two has been released by one of the largest publishers in the western world, and Josef Fares, Hazelight Studios founder, did put the Game Awards on the map when creating a beautiful viral moment during 2017's live broadcast.

Baseless speculation aside, it's hard to deny that It Takes Two is a well-crafted and enjoyable title. It stands out for attempting to take a stab at a more daring theme, visual design and, indeed, just by virtue of being a strictly co-op experience. The platforming and puzzles are all solid, no question, which is good as it comprises the majority of interactions and doings, and there's no shortage of ideas, novel presented at every twist and turn.

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One section might see both characters cooperating to navigate white water rapids and then in the next moment see one flying a plane while the other fist-fights a squirrel, beat 'em up style, balancing on the wings. It's amusing and it is never sure what will be proffered as gameplay in between the core platforming segments. So much so that it is amusing and thoughtful towards the player and co-op experience that it feels harsh to sound the overriding opinion that It Takes Two is just a bit bland. Squirrel warfare notwithstanding.

It could be a personal taste thing, but there's something about the presentation of the characters and story that comes off as annoying. Characters never shut up and snip away at every available opportunity, completely trivialising any kind of narrative consequence that It Takes Two may be going for. Not that divorce and harder subjects can't be trivialised or dealt with a light touch, but in this instance it doesn't work. Oh, and Dr. Hakim is the absolute worst.

This reviewer can always get behind a title that's shaped around cooperative play, and would advocate for there not being enough on the market that would take such a bold design decision, but even this can be a frustrating experience in anything other than couch co-op.

There's no option for a CPU-controlled partner and drop-in and drop-out online multiplayer with randoms isn't possible. This means there's no way to play It Takes Two for a Billy no-mates, and even when it is possible to schedule a partner or significant other in online play, it only serves to highlight Nintendo Switch's woefully below par online infrastructure.

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There's no question It Takes Two is a well-crafted game. There's no debate it is somewhat fresh in its execution and should be applauded for following its own unique vision. Heck, no one would argue it's not fun. Its shortcomings, however, do make one wonder if others got a little drunk on the novelty of it all. Instead, while it offers a somewhat refreshing take on the platforming genre this is mostly by virtue of being an exclusively co-op experience. It could have benefited from more refined characters, as well as better online support on Nintendo Switch. Really, where It Takes Two is going to be best suited is on a couch with a partner playing together.






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