Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (PlayStation 5) Review

By Luke Hemming 05.03.2024

Review for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on PlayStation 5

It cannot be postponed any longer, for weeks reviews have flooded sites and social media revelling in the fall of Rocksteady through a disliked franchise and a disliked gaming genre. With such an overwhelmingly negative response to the title, surely it was a case of "everybody on board, the hate train is leaving the station"? By taking a few weeks and giving the latest instalment in the Arkham-verse, this reviewer would sift through the garbage and find the positive gaming experience people were refusing to acknowledge? Well after multiple hours with the game, Cubed3 is still sifting.

This is going to be brutal, so lets start with the one good point in a wealth of missed opportunities. The story fits in perfectly with any DC Comic book attempt and is the main reason to try and make it through the 12-odd hour campaign. Setting the stage for the Squad is the usual Braniac world conquering attempt however, this one seems to have gone infinitely better than the usual plans. The Justice League are all but out of action, possessed and happily slaughtering the people of Metropolis. With no hope of turning them back, Task Force X (the aforementioned Suicide Squad for the uninitiated) is given one mission, Kill the Justice League (see, like the title). It's a simple but effective premise that also gives enough scope to bring in other characters from the previous Arkham games in support roles. All of which are more likeable in every respect than the team you will be spending most of your time with (except Captain Boomerang, he's the only interesting one in the bunch). For whatever reason, Harleen Quinzel has gained massive popularity long after Bruce Timm (more on him later) deployed her in the Animated Series voiced by the late, great Arleen Sorkin. Every other incarnation since has been a poor imitation that people enjoy immensely. In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League as with all other recent media, she's unbearable. The story is interesting enough, the issue is, there's a game getting in the way of it.

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Traversal is the first warning sign, Each of Task Force X has their own unique method of moving around the environment which is explained in quite an interesting, fun way. Doing it however, is no fun at all. Everybody moves jankily and uncomfortably across buildings and obstacles usually culminating in a plummet back to earth to start the cycle again. Regardless of the amount of hours put in, this never seemed to change. Lengthy periods between cool-downs also make sure no momentum can be built up at any time, strange considering all marketing material promised a smooth and slick shooter experience, akin to something like the far superior Sunset Overdrive.
The shooting element is perfectly fine, but as with the rest of the title, lacking anything of distinction and bafflingly character. With such a diverse cast it would make sense for each to bring a unique approach and in some ways this is achieved, but only through character specific weapons, Each has a melee and range of guns to choose from and as you'd expect from the recent media attempts, Harley has her bat, again, Boomer has a golf club (just kidding, it's a boomerang). This is pretty much the only distinction as all essentially boil down to the same repetitive procedure of pew pew, whack, and by Jove, is it repetitive. Copy and pasting generic objectives off the back of the FPS cereal box, every session quickly descends into go here, do this, protect that, kill this amount of people. Its draining on a scale bigger than the energy sucking skull hovering over the play area. Enemies throughout are bland and forgettable cannon fodder and sadly the Justice Leagues are dispatched in the end, the same as any other run of the mill grunt.

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So wrapping up, is there anything else to actually like here? What is included in the package is a mildly entertaining story hindered by a boring game, uncomfortable to play. Well as expected, it all goes back to the parts of the title that don't actively involve user interaction. To help bounce the story along, a fantastic ensemble cast has been put together, all making the most of what "funny" instances and lines they have been given. Veteran Harley, Tara Strong stays as strong as ever and is the only choice for Ms. Quinn since the passing of Arleen, with mention to the talents of Nolan North as Big Blue, adding a real sense of gravitas to proceedings and Samoa Joe (JOE!) fitting in perfectly as King Shark. They even got Jason Isaacs somehow. Carrying the whole shebang as expected, and featuring heavily in the marketing again is THE Batman, Kevin Conroy. Hearing him call out strategies to thwart the player and declaring his allegiance to the forces of evil after years of idolising is genuinely chilling and the biggest highlight, soaring spectacular above the mediocrity of the game he was a part of. It's a blessing this thankfully wont be the last project that will be released with his name attached.

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And to think how many ridiculed the comment that Gotham Knights was enjoyable. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League doesn't quite tarnish an excellent track record for Rocksteady in comic-book tie-ins, but it tries its hardest to. With a bland repetitive genre choice nobody wanted and a barely passable gameplay mechanic, the best advice to give is to wait for the cutscenes to be bundled together and watch a mildly enjoyable story without the hassle of a game ruining it.




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