Quantum: Recharged (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Albert Lichi 20.04.2024

Review for Quantum: Recharged on Nintendo Switch

Quantum: Recharged is based on Quantum, an arcade game launched by Atari, Inc. in 1982. While not as widely recognized as some of Atari's flagship titles, it boasts a distinctive gameplay concept blending shooting, strategy, and puzzle-solving elements. The game's unique fusion of mechanics set it apart during its era. Despite not achieving the blockbuster status of certain Atari counterparts, Quantum stands as a testament to the company's bold exploration of innovative gameplay and integration of scientific principles within video games. Its abstract mechanics and puzzle-oriented gameplay distinguish it from its arcade gaming contemporaries. This new version boasts sci-fi visuals and enhanced gameplay. How does it hold up and what kind of new features are included? Find out in this Quantum: Recharged review!

"Quantum," as used in Quantum: Recharged, refers to the incorporation of the teleportation mechanic facilitated by wormholes within the given scenario. This concept draws a fascinating parallel to the intriguing and often bewildering nature of particles at the quantum level, where conventional intuitions fail to provide a comprehensive understanding of their behaviour.

In quantum physics, particles display a range of phenomena that defy classical physics and common sense. Quantum teleportation, a mesmerizing phenomenon in itself, involves the instantaneous transmission of quantum information between two distant particles. This transmission occurs through the intricate interplay of entanglement and superposition - two fundamental principles of quantum mechanics.

Quantum: Recharged aspires to visually represent the phenomena and transform the transmission into an incredibly challenging game that is surprisingly addictive, albeit a bit shallow. Gameplay revolves around controlling an abstract arrow-like spaceship that leaves behind a cosmic contrail. The main mechanic involves using these contrails to create shapes that form wormholes capable of devouring threats or hurtling projectiles. The player-controlled unit is highly agile and moves fluidly, while incoming UFOs are not always easy to evade.

There are randomly appearing power-ups that can vary from pausing all the chaos on the map to granting infinite dodge charges without cooldown. These power-ups prove to be essential when attempting to achieve a high score, as the unpredictability of the arcade mode can result in a game lasting either a few minutes or merely a couple of seconds.

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The classic arcade mode follows a straightforward yet effective approach: players are granted three lives to strive for survival while accumulating a high score. A co-op mode is also available, which can assist players in prolonging their gameplay; however, the truth remains that Quantum: Recharged is most enjoyable in small increments. The fundamental concept remains rather superficial, and the absence of variety can become quite monotonous. It's unsurprising that the original Quantum failed to resonate with arcade-goers during the 80s, especially when alternatives like Joust, Donkey Kong Jr. and Dig Dug dominated the scene, each with its own compelling reasons for popularity.

Quantum: Recharged's challenge mode holds greater interest due to its inclusion of bespoke levels, each accompanied by unique conditions necessary for victory. As anticipated, these levels prove highly challenging, characterized by their fast-paced nature and shallow depth. The standout aspect of Quantum: Recharged is undoubtedly its presentation. The visuals are pleasing to the eye, and the pulsating electro-pop soundtrack adjusts its intensity based on the player's performance.

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Quantum: Recharged feels like a singular entry within a larger anthology or collection of retro arcade games harkening back to the early 80s. The game is highly responsive, and its polished, dazzling appearance indicates meticulous attention was paid to pay homage to the original Quantum. While it's commendable that the classic Atari game is receiving due respect, the extent of its acclaim appears to be overstated, primarily due to its excessively simplistic nature.









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