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Does any one know were I could download a copy of this or at least a trial version. I need it to view the code for my project write up. My computer was restored a couple of days ago so and I need to have this in for Monday so I can't get the program off the teacher again.

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help me!

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i did i could only find delphi add ons and stuff

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I don't thinks theres a trail for must buy it. Smilie

You found the word nipple! And you love touching them!

well thats just ghey

ah well i'll have to use notepad then

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Notepad owns anyway Smilie

Your back at school on Monday?

yeah 11 days off for easter

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Emule, limewire, bittorent....

Ah, apologies Blade.

Yeah, P2P looks to be your best bet. I'm trying eXeem at the moment, and it's good.

ok thanks. LAready tried kazza and nothing turned up i'll give exeem a go tommrow.

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I too tried eXeem but couldn't get it to work very well, I now use Shareaza, and its the best P2P program I have ever come across!

Better than Emule, Limewire and Kazaa (generaly, all have smaller advantages), only beaten by bittorrent for larger files/full albums and what have you.

Cubed3 Staff [ Retro Editor :: Previews Editor ]

Huh. That's odd. I... didn't download Photoshop CS with it, and I didn't get pretty amazing speeds from it. They weren't a lot better than more conventional P2P programs I've tried. Oh well.

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