Animal Crossing DS renamed.

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For all those who own a DS, this may be of some interesting news to you.

Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing DS will now be called Animal Crossing To Go! The game, which will be one of the first DS titles to make use of the system's wireless online capabilities, will allow players to visit one another's villages to trade items and the like. Check below for two new screenshots from the game. Animal Crossing To Go! will be released for the Nintendo DS in the fall, and you can expect full coverage of the game at E3 2005, now just one month away.

Image for

Image for

I dont really like the name, and i think the game could look better too. Is it really necessary to use one screen just for clouds?

Source: GamecubeCafe

[ Edited by Rivix on 2005/4/3 21:44 ]

Animal Crossing To Go sounds okay but dosen't really sound like a good game title to me. Animal Crossing DS sounds way better.

I agree. Animal Crossing DS is a much better name. And I think it looks ok, I'm sure the top screen will hardly ever be devoted entirely to clouds

Still looks good though...

Ewww.. that top menu looks like a horse went shat on it.

What happened to the version at E3? "/ It looked way better than that...

Damn. I just reported this...

blizzard224 wrote:
Ewww.. that top menu looks like a horse went shat on it.

Hahahaha...true Smilie

Freddie wrote:
What happened to the version at E3? "/ It looked way better than that...

Stills never look good from portables, I found Mario 64 DS looked horrible in screenshots. Be patient and wait until E3 Smilie

I like the new name. It's going to be weird as it might even look better than the console version, since it was an old N64 build.

I can't wait for this one, though I'll have to wait for reviews to see if they get the online right before buying it.

The online feature for me is just communicating with you guys, and nicking your fruit. I'm not really interested in the actual game (unless they actually put a storyline in it), I just want to talk to strange internet people Smilie

Yeah, I can't wait to sell out all the Nookways across the globe Smilie

Yes, just run around buying up everyones tools... lol

Heh, forgot about Nookways, Nookingtons and the like...

Blizz is banned from my town by the way Smilie

Wonder if we'll be able to set up stalls or anything to make bells? We could be going into each other's towns, buying up tools and selling them on for a higher price...

...Not that any of us would do that kind of thing of course.

That menu looks aweful! Anyhow, one cool thing about it showing the clouds is possibly the different weather? You could watch it snow, or wacth the clouds gather and get ready for rain, look at the sun, or totally ignore it!lol

I sure hope you can set up vendors in other towns! That would be so awesome.

I personally think instead of vistiting other towns(unless in short wifi mode), Nintendo should develop a massive CITY online where you can go. It could have several stores, chatrooms, and lots of space for vendors! Maybe even taxis to get you to other parts. I don't like the idea of blizz walking(destroying, spamming) in my town all the way in Austrailia! lol

[ Edited by jacob4000 on 2005/4/4 13:20 ]

The name really doesn't bother me this is going to be great... but just to keep on subject, I think Animal Crossing Online sounds better than Animal Crossing DS and To Go! put together.

Yeah DS screenshots always look shite I'm sure Nintendo will clean everything up enough. I think the screens Freddie is thinking about is when Nintendo shoved Animal Crossing GC screens on the DS as mock-ups.

Going back to what Rivix said, if Nintendo do use the top screen for clouds, what a bloody waste!

And in one screen the action is on the top screen, and on the other it's on the bottom. Does it switch when you open the menu? Sounds a tad dodgy to me...

Nah, I think the action will be on the bottom screen- maybe those clouds werer for the game opening or something? I don't think they play a part in the game at all (but then again what do I know?)

They should have the top screen showing more of the village, so it acts like one big screen. Then, when you click an icon (think Metroid Prime Hunters) on the touch screen, the menu comes up.

Yeah, or the top screen shows you and the village with the bottom screen as the menu. Then, work like that the whole time, not just swapping screens for a menu.

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Yeah, the character would have to be on the top screen at all times. It'd just be irritating to have the screens switched repeatedly, especially with the amount of menu-ing you need to do in Animal Crossing. I'd really like them to do it as one big screen though when you're not on the menu, the menu should perhaps be transparent-ish so you can still see the other part of the village beneath it.

I hope they put a bit more variety in as well, like mini-games or something (i.e., a berry collecting game similar to the Game And Watch where you catch drips of water in a bucket). I can see it being controlled dual hand style like the control option in Mario 64 DS, though the opposite way round - D-pad for moving, touch screen for actions (click on a person to speak to them, drag objects to move them/pick them up, swing your axe/net, cast your fishing rod/pull the fish up) - or they could go for the boring option and have the shoulder button as an action button, but I think they'll be a bit different than that. This way, left handed gamers wouldn't be left out either because the A/B/X/Y buttons can be used for movement.

Perhaps one half of the bootm screen could be used for a menu, with the top half of the bottom screen being used for the character eg chopping, fishing etc.

I dunno, it'll be interesting to see which way Nintendo go!

I don't think they can afford the space to chop the bottom screen in half, it'll all be too tiny. A pop up menu would probably have to be the way they go, since the screens aren't exactly huge as it is.

Yeh, actually a pop up menu makes much more sence- dunno what I was thinking there!

Well... that is the only screenshot on Cubed3 that shows the player on the bottom screen... I think that it is a unique event, but we'll probably need more information to know for sure...

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