Xbox live clan join if got the chance only if you have halo2 and xbox live

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Guest 04.04.2005#1

I'm joining xbox live people and I got 4 added and that's kalash and the others are friends I'm inviting people to join my clan. But first you must be good at halo 2, I will test you, see what's your tactic and then I place you as member. If you fail I will fire you. If you fail a lot of times. I need three more people to join. I'm coming up with a name of the team. Ask me or kalash if you want to join. If there's a lot I will get you to take turns. If you are in xbox live and have halo 2 put your address and then I will test you. But first I will test you as soon as your on. But I'm not going to be online all the time.

But we will need a wekk or two to sort out every thing so this week just say if you want to join.

Guest 04.04.2005#3

Also there must be another team to go against. In xbox live. You can make your own team and go against us clan.

umm im already in a clan, probably a much better one...

if you want to challenge a clan, look for Koga Ninja, or find a spartan called DrGreenthumb04, he'll beat everyone in your clan gauranteed, and hes only like 4 foot 8!

[ Edited by >>Unique<< on 2005/4/4 15:44 ]

Guest 04.04.2005#6

Thanks guys. Anyway this team will be good. Once you join meet in chat room. Another thing Unique how many players they got. Unique do you want to join if you have halo 2 and xbox live.

i havent got live...yet Smilie should have it within the month though coz we are getting broadband. w0000 im so spankingly pleased. and when i do, i shall murk all that come before me with terrible terrible vengance.

Guest 04.04.2005#8

I have mine on in a few days

Clans get on my wick. I often enter a game looking for decent opponents only to find that I get ridiculed for not being leet enough, not understanding 'in-jokes' and getting taunted by a twelve year old telling me I'm a 'sweaty ball-bag'. After assuring him that my genitels were actually quite cool I proceeded to mute him (bless this option!).

Don't get me wrong, it's fun to be in a clan (I was in one for a while) but the clans that take themselves too seriously tend to split spectacularly. Just try not to be one of those clans and have fun when you're playing and also show respect for the other team (they're real people your playing against with real feelings).

Guest 04.04.2005#10

This one won't split but you can join if you want. Come on join.

True i won't let this group split up until the players decide to. Anyways i looking for 5 new people to join up.

Thanks for the invite but I prefer to stick to my friends list and play as and when I can rather than having strict times to apply to. Smilie

Guest 04.04.2005#13

This team is going to be fair and no argues and if they keep arguing they will be fired.

... Am I the only person who honestly dosn't enjoy playing on live? I'd rather play with bots than get called a 'fucked up fucktard' by some 7 year old american kid.

Guest 05.04.2005#15

I can't beleive you you don't like xbox live. That's a very famous connection for consoles. Also bots are damn boring.

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