DS Online via Tunnelling?

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Jadrule is developing DS tunneling software that will allow all DS multiplayer games to be played online.

Sources from the Italian developer Jadrule have confirmed exclusively to DSGaming that they are nearing an alpha release of their DS tunneling software. The software as been in development since December 2004 and currently goes under the name of 'DS Linkup', which will be released on April 11th.

DS Linkup promises to connect DS users from all over the globe and currently has been tested across Europe with several successful connection and from Europe to America with one successful connection.

The games tested so far are Super Mario 64 DS and PictoChat.

The reason for the delayed release of April 11th is that the software is being tested for compatibility in further regions first.

The official website can be found here:
Jadrule DS Linkup page

With the recent news about a possible DS Linux release soon in addition to this news, it seems like the DS might finally be gaining some ground on the PSP in terms of homebrew software and the like.


Exciting stuff, if it's real. The official online will be unveiled soon enough, but until then, maybe this could be good. I've not been able to get onto the official website though and so I'm not entirely sure how it works. Just thought I'd report this to see what people think.

I shall be using it eventually

Wow! That is pretty neat! Would you have to purchase anything?

[ Edited by jacob4000 on 2005/4/4 19:27 ]

From what I gather, it's totally free. Not sure if you need a wireless router or anything, though - probably do, but I've not been able to get on the website to be able to confirm how it works.

Nice. Atl least we know we can use it to play preonline DS games if the Nintendo one isn't compatible with them

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Ah excellent, I should have seen this coming; Warp Pipe DS Smilie.

I have complete confidence that this is of course real, because I know how theasable it is, I mean the Gamecube did it (not too succesfully mind, but then again the Gamecube wasnt designed for any sort of online whereas the DS is)

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Not sure if you need a wireless router or anything

You will need a way to connect yoru DS to your computer, with the Gamecube it was simple, you used a normal router hooked to your gamecubes BB adapter then to your computer.
So id imagine this is the exact same except wirelessly

We're mentalist psychic Scots, which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh

Great! I'm guessing you'd need something a faster than dial-up, right? Might be a while before I'm online...

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definootly man

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Yeah I'd imagine you'll need broadband to work well.

Still can't get on the website, which is extremely annoying. I'm quite confident it's real and I'll probably get the beta - I need to get the wireless network in my house working.

Well, for DS online, I'm actually half-expecting an official Nintendo tunneling system.

Interesting stuff, though when the system actualy goes on-line this sort of thing should be needed less, it is still good to see people trying.

It'll probably be completely unnecessary within a couple of months, but it's a fun thing for now if it works. I like it when people start messing around with consoles like this. Clever people.

Did you guys see the article about the guy who turned the NES, SNES and PS1 into handheld consoles? That's what I call messing around with them!

what will be so fucking cool with mario kart if they was not doing that now ^_^ who up for a game

ps i know i have not be on so, dont be a ass and say it

Hey Jump.. Where you been? Smilie

This one of the ones you mean blizz?

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[ Edited by Mason on 2005/4/5 14:57 ]

good thing I use wireless network Smilie so I can play people around the world soon Smilie

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Yep. Them the ones Mason.

Nice. How sweet do they look? I bet they guzzle up power almost as fast as a PSP though Smilie Smilie

Cheap shot. Smilie

3 hours of play per go I think...the cartridge doesn't look like the most comfortable thing.

I managed to finally get on the website. I'm pasting all the information on there into a post because it's seemingly unreliable.

DSlinkup will most likely be beta-released on April 11, 2005 and feature revolutionary software that only Jadrule could finally complete. It allows each DS user to create their on LinkTag and connect to other DS users around the globe using the DS wireless multiplayer feature. Each user will need to be in a wifi hotspot or own a 802.11b router or faster. See you on April 11!

DSLinkup has already been tested and succesful connections have been accross Europe and Italy, And one successful connection has made accross to the United States. The reason This Software will not be released until atleast April 11 is because we want to make sure we can make the software work to all corners of the globe. We at Jadrule are working hard and will be sure to keep you up-to-date on where in the world this has been tested

Why is Jadulre the first team to successfully get the DS online? Because we thought outside the box. When other teams and companies quit when they reliazed nintendo hadn't made it so easy to tunnel, we at Jadrule thought of a different means of getting around the problem. Deep down,I believe nintendo set up this loop-hole on purpose. To avoid other companies stealing this amazing discovery, the software will not be open source

All questions are asked to be sent to [email protected]. Jadrue thanks you in advance for only asking questions if you are a webmaster or staff member of a video-game or electronic-news related site. We do not want the inbox flooded with repitive question, because we would like to better spend our time working on and improving this amazing software. Thankyou

There are more screenshots on there, but they look much the same. There's a forum for it as well:


That looks pretty cool! Especially as you only need 1 cart per multiplayer session, i'll be able to try out all these new games for free! Interesting Smilie ....

[ Edited by fatbob1080 on 2005/4/6 11:19 ]

If Nintendo don't bring include their own little thing so everyone can have their own hotspot with Animal Crossing I'm going to be kicking myself for not forcing my parents to get me wireless internet so I could be apart of this. Have fun everyone anyway.

It has been confirmed that they are going to release beta stage for the DS going online on 11th of april.Seems you need a router or a wireless connection
Have a look.
click here

[ Edited by Cap on 2005/4/8 16:04 ]

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