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First off, sorry for not being here the whole weekend, i know some of you missed me. Smilie

But i was off playing the most funnest and comedic multipayer game ever!!!

Timesplitters:future perfect

Believe me, i was very doubtful whether to sheel out 50 bucks for this game but it all paid off!!!

The multiplayer of this game is magnificint!!! better than the first one in every way!!!

The story mode is wayyy better than the second one in every way possible!!1

You play as cortez throughout the whole game and team up with some characters that i won't reveal but are very familiar. The humor in story mode is hilarius and ranges from sex conversations to gay jokes.

The weapons range from lasers to machine guns to all new dual weapons.

The multiplayer maps offer more strategy and more places to shoot. There are now more turrets on the field and some vehicles now and then.

My only grudge against the multiplayer is the fact that they didn't add my most fave map from TS2: ice station.

Arcade and challenges: Harder than the second ones and very challenging!!!

Characters: 144 characters to pick including TS2 characters and i think TS1 characters as well.

In conclusion, i recommend this game to anybody who would like to play soem good multiplayer and don't have halo. Smilie

And that, my friends is multiplayer achievement.

BTW, don't know if i'll be on a lot since this game has taken over my life.

Just to add, the vehicles are pretty usless. They don't work very well and catch on walls

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Has it been PAL released yet!?

We're mentalist psychic Scots, which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh

i think so

..way possible!!1

Ha ha! You actually put a "1" in my mistake. Smilie

Yes it has, at least for the Xbox and PS2 it has. I would have thought that the GameCube version would have been released among with them.

The GC version was out on the release on all versions. I played it the day before release Smilie (Gameplay)

360 Gamertag: shiptoncraig
PSN: shiptoncraig
Steam: Guess what?


But I'm broke, and I've got about 15 other games to buy. (No, seriosly, they're all on my to buy list in front of this Smilie)

Amazing, first we get lots of dry time and the WAM! a whole pile of titles released... I've got to get Four Swords, I'll consider picking this up...

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