Sega give shadow the hedgehog a chance at his own story!!!!!

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Just think of it as a mix of Shadow (small & fast) & Omega with his guns. & SOA are making it, they are gonna make this a wicked game & I am certain!

As for the Robotnik thing. His name was always Eggman in Japan His sirname is still Robotnik, but they stop't calling him that because it sounded like a russian name as the Americans didn't get on so well with the Russians, so they called the Eggamn translation Robotnik, but now that differences are fixed, they're trying not to be racist. So they call him by his nick/first name.

This game will kick ass!! I AM CERTAIN. Think of it as rebel strike mixed with Sonic Adventure 2.

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it could work very well on one hand if sega/sonic team get teh gameplay with the game just right it could be awesom.
if they don't then this game could end up in the trash sadly but for me i will love it no matter what.

Soundworks wrote:
Although admittedly, there are some very cool characters in Sonics Universe. I feel that now the Sonic Team should concentrate on the main four again (that being Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and

i cant see any of those pages as a message came up saying that i am fobiden (dunno how to spell it) came up on the pc. Smilie

My Name Is Kizarny
hizave yizou sizeen thize hizuman bizlockhead

it is true though even though its great having all these chracters i think this is why sonic started to lose people because all these characters made people come back but then lost some old hardcore fans because they weren't focusing on the orginal 4 soni tails and robotnik ( sonic adventure 1 was a great game foucsed mainly on them with extras like amy which was nice big was jus anoyign though)
come'on go back to the odl days sonic team
start over again

Well they will need lots of characters, just incase they want to do a new Sonic Battle or if Sonic R EXTREME does come out, even though it is just a rumour.

As more info is released on the game, it get's better & better! Have you seen the 2nd trailer?

I personally think Shadow & Rouge were great additions, some mobian bad guys! (well sort of) the only bad guy was a human, which is racist, but not any more! & Cream is really cool too! What could be wrong with them? Makes mobians seem more like a full race then just a few abnormal coloured talking animals.

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Mobius already seemed like it had a full race, with the talking animals and all that can be seen in the various TV series. They didn't need to make a load of them main characters.

I still think they're all cool characters, they always made cool characters until Chris came along! -shudder- & all those old TV series were unofficial anyway, & Sonic was the only tall mobian until all the other main ones came along. They also add more depth to the games, I like how on Sonic heroes all the teams are split into difficulties & the extra story Team Chaotix. & Sonic Adventure 2 could not be the brilliant game it is now without Shadow & Rouge.

It all adds more depth to the Sonic universe, if you get more characters, you get deeper stories & there is always one thing you want to find out even after the end of the game. (eg. will Emerl come back to life sometime? or WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH THIS SHADOW CHARACTER?!?!)

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no i havent seen the 2nd trailier can you give us a link super link

no i havent seen the 2nd trailier can you give us a link super link

who's us?

Don't you mean "me"?

You do know that the term mobius is something from the cartoons and comics, not the games.

The games have called the planet they live on Earth, nothing else.

SatAM/Archie - Mobius
AoSTH - Mobius
Underground - Mobius
Fleetway - Mobius
X - Never defined but there are two planets, Chris' and Sonic's.
Anime - Freedom!
SegaSonic - Earth.

All cool characters? Antoine, Sally, Scratch, Grounder, Sonia, Sara, all pre X.

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