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Throughout the year there are loads of special deals in the shops and on the net. The point of this thread is to allow other C3ers post the deals they wish to share with the rest of the World.

Post the location of where you saw the deal
When you saw the deal and when you believe the deal expires.
What the deal actually entails
The country of the deal
Whether its Internet or Retail or even both

E.G Gamestation, Birmingham
Xbox 360 Bundle- PES6 and Gears Of War for

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PC World Birmingham
Xbox 360 and 2games for

Its Grumbler and Flynnie's topic...wooo

Starred for the idea, it'll pick up soon enough Smilie

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Can a mod sticky this please???

Bittorrent - The internets.

Everything for free Smilie are selling pre-order virtual console cards for

Ill like this topic come January, when the money is back where in belongs (in my pocket) and the sales begin, hopefully in games too (Do January sales actually work with games :sarcySmilie

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Gamestation are bundling the Wii and any game (not confirmed which game counts as any game) for

Woolworths are doing a 360 Premium package with Tiger Woods 07 and FIFA 07 for

Dragon Quest: Journey Of The Cursed King (PS2) only....(Drumroll)...

Homeworld 99c. Best. Deal. Ever!

He's Back...with a VENGENCE and Elmo!!!

Can we have an Official Buy/Sell/Trade topic too, me needs Zelda: TP for Gamecube NOW!

Anyone got it? Wanna sell/trade it?

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Warioware: smooth moves is

I believe I have made this thread before too.


I know I am double posting. Sorry.

here's the link to my game bargains thread:



^Ah sorry dude, didnt realise there was a similar topic.

Okay, i have done a lil bit of scouting.

Nintendo Wii

Gamestation, Birmingham
29/03/07 until unknown

Excitetruck for

Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii is now

Eledees is

[url=]Prey, Xbox 360 -

Gamestation, (As far as im guessing anywhere but seen in Birmingham UK)
Unknown Time period

Gamecube and between 7-9 games (all fairly poor games and very early GC games) Different bundles but included NBA,Madden,Fifa games, Agent Under Fire, Dark Summit, and loads others, with a GC controller.

Also seen a gamecube with Eternal Darkness,Metroid Prime2 and Burnout 2 with a Silver Gamecube and controller

Wing Island

Found this on Argos, it's probably not a very good game, but look at the price!

Gamestation, Chester
02/02/08 - Future
United Kingdom

Brand New Gamecube Merchandise at Preowned Prices!

I couldnt belive my eyes (looked like this Smilie ) when i saw the deal of brand new gamecube merchandise for preowned prices. Its 2008 and finally all Nintendo Gamecube stock is being re-issued as preowned on company systems in a ploy to get rid of access stock.

This nationwide toll, applies to any Brand new games and consoles! Ive just picked up a Pokemon Colleseum pak, which includes A black gamecube, a memory card and a copy of Pokemon colleseum. All for only �25, remembering that its all brand new!

I also picked up Battilion Wars and Sonic Riders for �5 each! effectively

Now you might think, why do you need a Gamecube (considering i have a Wii) well, not only is a lil hard to pick up Gamecube controllers but its also hard to pick up Gamecube memory cards (offical), furthermore its actually cheaper to buy this deal then to re-buy any NTSC/JAP games that i have on my GC.

Personally i think its a great deal!

Others included a platinum Resident Evil 4 pak and a Pearl White Super Mario Strikers Pak (Pearl White Pak was �45)

So get yourself down to Gamestation now!

Wasn't quite sure where to stick this, but Nintendo's Star Catalogue now have Advance wars 2 up for grabs, and they're not sold out yet.Smilie

Awesome deal ^, but I only have 4200 stars Smilie

Sonic Secret Rings �10 brand new HMV

Eledees �10 Zavvi

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