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Now I did search before doing this and yes there was a couple of threads; but they are all pretty old so I thought i'd make a fresh one.

Simple really, post the last film you watched and a what you thought.

I watched In the Shadow of the Moon

It was on Channel 4 tonight (20:00-22:00) but I have been meaning to watch it from probably it's release back last year. It's a documentary about the Apollo missions to the moon and contains interviews with the men that have been on the moon along with archive footage etc. It was fantastic and I recommend it to everyone.

One of the better documentaries i've seen


[By the way I watch quite alot of films so i'll be posting here alot Smilie]

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City of Violence-a Korean action/martial arts epic. The story ain't too convincing but if you love clich�s and cheese this is for you. The fighting is superb and manages to be extremely cool, despite the cheese. The Western Music used is quite the excellent. Extremely satisfying.


Dr. Strangelove - 11/10.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 6/10 meh...


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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 7/10

Thought it was alright and I enjoyed watching it.

I've seen a few recently so here goes:

Superbad - Like a better version of American Pie. So funny. 8.5/10

Alvin and the Chipmunks - Watched it because I like Jason Lee, film is pretty obvious and annoying though. 5/10

Dan in Real Life - Almost a romcom but not quite, some funny parts and generally Steve Carrel is funny to watch. 7/10.

Superhero Movie - It has Leslie Nielsen in it, nuff said. 8/10.

No Longer Temporarily Banned.

I know you will all be surpised at the fact that i have just seen this movie...

Fight Club 10/10

Truly fantastic movie. Changed my life.

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Iron Man: 8/10

It was enjoyable to watch. It had the cool fights and explosions, plus the cool superhero lines and stuff. I also enjoyed the character of Tony Stark and watching him build his suit. Also, it had a good moment after the credits.

I may have liked it more, but about 10 minutes before we got to the theater, I began to get a headache and had nothing to try and relieve it. The fast action and bright colors on the screen didn't always help...

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Where Eagles Dare

Second time watching this film, just as good as the first time. Fantastic "boys" action adventure movie. Reminds me of the old classic Commando comic books.


Police Story 1 9/10

Police Story 2 8/10

New Police Story 9/10

Amazing stunts, especially considering Jackie Chan was over 50 making New Police Story.

I like this thread, great ideaSmilie

Spiderman 2: Was on tv the other day, quite enjoyable and possibly the best one out of the three. Maguire has settled into the role of Spiderman / Parker quite well, seeing a live version of Octo wasn't quite what I has expected back in the cinema but an extremely capable display of animation and design, with a lot of imaginative fight scenes (the fight on the train being the best in the trilogy I find) and solid acting from the guy playing the baddie who was slightly comical in the Spiderman universe but in the film transferred to a tragic character quite well. Some good laughs, some good fights, all in all a decent comicbook flick. 8/10

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FFVII: Advent Children 9/10
I finally understand the story line now and has made me wanna get crisis core and dirge of cerberus

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Monty Python And Now for Something Completely Different

I've seen this a couple of times, and it's genius. A collection of their best sketchs from series 1 and 2 of the Flying Circus series.

It was hilarious watching as a kid and it still is today.


( Edited 04.10.2017 12:19 by Guest )

Guest 02.06.2008#15

Iron Man 9/10

I know someone already got this one but I liked it...plus im too forgetful to remember TV filmsSmilie.

Great film, like TAG said, cool fights and explosions, and atching him build the suit is intersting. It has humor in quite a few places, mainly while he tests the suit and it goes wrong.

Good film, but it could have done with a bit more blowing up of stuff, as long as the film was already. The bit at the end of the credits may mean something to proper fans the Iron Man, but I dont knwo too much about him so I didntfind it too great, but it does sort of hint sequel.

( Edited 04.10.2017 12:19 by Guest )

Serpico 9/10

Sympathy for Lady Vengence 10/10

Indiana Jones:KOTCS 6/10

( Edited 02.06.2008 11:54 by Linkyshinks )

Old Boy 9/10 (-1 for the fact that I left the film disturbed)

LS, I haven't seen the other Vengeance films. Are they really that good?

Monty Python and the holy grail - 1/10 <=== why does everyone bum it so much...... Smilie

Unfair - 8/10 = Japanese movie - huge spoiler - everyone dies ;_;

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Iron Man GOD/10

although more fighting would have been welcome

Unfair - 8/10 = Japanese movie - huge spoiler - everyone dies ;_;


I'm not on c3 for like 3 months but remember how to add the tags, I'm sure you could too! I believe in you son!

"We're mentalist psychic Scots, which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh." Fly fast, stay low, hit hard
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{Guild}Ohmdal: But how did you get the poo inside of the box when the goat was sleeping on top of it?
{Guild}Ohmdal: oops wrong chat

I would have given Iron Man no more than 4/10. Pretty shoddy action and dire story (middle-eatserns are the new Russians in Western films, ehh?).

Wheels on Meals - 8/10
Funny, great fighting and action, and Spaniards dubbed in Cantonese. Whats not to love?

( Edited 22.01.2018 16:23 by Guest )

Spice Girls The Movie 1/10

( Edited 22.01.2018 16:23 by Guest )

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You missed a 0 there, blade.

( Edited 22.01.2018 16:23 by Guest )

No Longer Temporarily Banned.

Even that's wrong. Shit/10. Almost as bad as the S Club 7 movie.

( Edited 22.01.2018 16:23 by Guest )

Indiana: 7/10
Iron Man: 9/10

Eagerly awaiting the sequel to my favorite film, Batman Begins (9.8/10) coming next month.

( Edited 22.01.2018 16:23 by Guest )

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