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Recently watched a few movies..

Had to watch the first two Twilight movies, thanks to my girlfriend. They were both pretty lame but I didn't mind watching them because I just found them both funny.

Watched Brazil which I really enjoyed, and a few days ago The Man from Nowhere, a solid Korean revenge movie, which I dearly love that genre!

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.



Big Tits Zombie - 10/10


Best film I have ever seen, hands down.

127 Hours - 8/10

It managed to stay interesting throughout, despite being set mostly in one location with just the main character. The ending was nice, had some Sigur Ros music, which made the whole scene feel even better. Overall, a good film and I'd watch it again.

Inception - 6/10

I give Christopher Nolan credit here for writing such a complex film and it looked cool in places with some nice special effects and such, but for me I just lost the plot and found it boring most of the time. Due to this, I kept nodding off in various parts of the film. Maybe It'd get better with a few watches and reading up on the plot to understand it more. Either way I've given it a fair score considering the well thought out story and nice looking effects.

The Thing (2011)

Kind of a re-run of John Carpenter's film, but it has some good moments and some great ties to the aforementioned film. I enjoyed it. Not as much as 80s The Thing with Kurt Russell, but I enjoyed it.

Martin_ said:
The Thing (2011)

Kind of a re-run of John Carpenter's film, but it has some good moments and some great ties to the aforementioned film. I enjoyed it. Not as much as 80s The Thing with Kurt Russell, but I enjoyed it.

The John Carpenter The Thing is one of my all-time favorites. Halloween-time staple!

You should get some enjoyment out of the new one, then.

@Marzy, have you watched Buried? It's a good film that takes place inside a coffin with just a mobile phone.

I've also found that Inception is either something people can follow, or something they can't, I easily followed and understood the plot throughout and enjoyed it. Shutter Island was another good film with Leo in.

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Iron Man - 8.5/10

The Incredible Hulk - 6/10

Iron Man 2 - 7/10

Thor - 8.5/10

Captain America - 7.5/10

All of which I watched in anticipation of:
The Avengers - 9/10

Basically, it's fucking awesome! It was teased first teased 5 years ago, and I was far from disappointed with the outcome

Joss Whedon is a God. He's made 2 and half hours of funny, awesome, well characterised entertainment.

The characters have their own time in the spot light, it doesn't seem like there is too much of a focus of one over the others. The Hulk, who has the weakest of the lead in films, works in this film as he has he other characters there with him. The new actor is pretty good to.

Remember to stay for the credits for a surprise appearance. It will be lost on some though

I hope Marvel extend the Cinematic Universe beyond just these characters. They won't be able to get everyone (The Amazing Spider-man exists just so Sony retains the rights, and X-Men seems to be going in the right direction as it is right now), but they still have a good selection of characters they could bring in

Just saw the Avengers too, and Lrrr sums it up probably better than I could. Awesome film. 5/5.

2012 Shite!
Push Shite!
Source Code Shite!

That is all.

Wow The Avengers is even better than Iron Man? I can't wait to see it then ;x;

Recently I finally watched
Summer Wars (9/10)
Maybe it's because it was on BluRay but dayum the quality and animation were amazing and it was one of the most exciting anime movies I've ever seen that didn't resort to lame clichés at every other minute. It's really modern and not gory or scary or sexualised like a lot of anime can be.. so if you like anime at all I think you'd probably like it quite a lot, it seems to me like the kind of thing almost anyone can enjoy.

Also the dubbing was great I didn't have a single problem with the English voice cast and I can be pretty picky about that nowadays.

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I always loved this thread - needs to be brought back I think with the solid slate of good movies this summer and upcoming this fall. What have you seen lately Cubed3? Here's what I've seen this summer.


Total Recall (2012)

It's a bit baffling to me why this one is getting such bad reviews. I guess it's because it's a remake, which does take a little bit of the intrigue out of the premise. If you've seen the original, you won't be surprised by the plot twists and turns here. But that really goes without saying when watching a remake. I suppose it's harder to be as impressed with this reality-bending story in a post Inception world, too.

Still, what this does have going for it though is a very slick and fascinating vision of future technology. I thought the "future tech" on display here was far more interesting and imaginative than anything seen in Avatar. I was consistently drawn in by the "world" here - felt very Blade Runner esque.

Furthermore, the action scenes in this are actually quite engaging. Far too many films "hide" the action in quick cuts and shaky-cam close-ups. You never actually see anything except vague movement. Here though, the scenes are well choreographed and easy to follow. You see it all. I don't feel like the director is hiding anything from me, and I like that very much.

Overall, this one isn't better than the original, but it's worth a view in its own right. And Kate Beckinsale is downright gorgeous; perhaps moreso than Sharon Stone in the original. So it has that going for it too.



The Dark Knight Rises

Fitting end to the best superhero trilogy ever made. Not as great as The Dark Knight, but all the same provides all the closure you could hope for in a finale. Slightly disappointed by Bane - I feel like Tom Hardy's talent is wasted behind that mask. Has probably the best last hour of any film I've seen in years, though.



The Avengers

Joss Whedon knows how to make good stuff. It's that simple. Not as serious or high-minded as anything from Chris Nolan, but also perhaps more fun and enjoyable because of its comparably light tone. I also left the theatre with the Hulk as my new favorite among the Marvel group. Didn't see that one coming.




More of that cool future gadgetry on display here too. David the Android is fantastic, reminding me constantly of HAL 9000. The main heroine is also a good lead. The plot leaves plenty of holes, but I'm not too bothered by that. I'm sure there will be a sequel to fill in the gaps. If the sequel manages to provide the same tense and claustrophic atmosphere as this, I'll be there. Not a film for everyone, but if you're a fan of the Alien franchise and Sci-Fi in general, you can't help but appreciate this one.


( Edited 03.08.2012 22:38 by Jacob4000 )

Well, this is a humongous bump.

I got pre-showing tickets to watch it earlier today (for free nonetheless), and it was in 3D, which I think is pointless in the film. The film itself was good, your typical Disney stuff where a character goes on an adventure, gets in trouble while on that adventure etc. But it was well made and had some genuinely funny moments, especially with Fix-it-Felix Jr involved. It didn't have as many references to real life video games as I thought, although I'd probably have to watch it again to spot them. Overall, it was a decent 8/10 film.

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Skyfall - 7

This is the first James Bond film I've seen with Daniel Craig in and I thought he did a quite good job, he's a more believable character than previous Bonds, but I felt he was also a bit cold.

It was pretty good overall, but at the same time there was a lot of faults wrong with it. It has some nice action scenes and those were done well, like when Bond jumps in a JCB digger and takes out the back-half of a regular passenger train... But then you'd be like "What the hell!? Why hasn't the train stopped!? Doesn't anyone care!?" Then there's a scene where a female character is introduced and she's in it for like 10 minutes and she's literally just used as a sexual object and is killed off 5 minutes later. Bond is right in front of her when she gets shot and he doesn't even care, he doesn't show any sadness or any emotions at all. What a douche.

The second half of the film was best, when Bond retreats back to his childhood house with M and they go up against the villain (can't even remember half the characters names!). They basically board up the house windows and have a shotgun, pistol and traps made up of household objects to defend themselves. It's not something that would happen in older Bond films, so I thought it was cool and a bit different.

I really liked how they handled the ending, it was kind of sad, but also a nice surprise afterwards.

( Edited 12.01.2015 15:25 by Marzy )

Taken 2
Watched this last week after watching the first one again on TV. Nowhere near as good as the first, but Maggie Grace is still fit as fuck. Do enjoy old Neeson throwing shit down, too. Heard the third one's a bit ass, but still gonna watch.

Our member of the week

"From Dusk Till Dawn", summed up in one gif :

Image for

Hadn't watched that movie in years and just decided to watch it again the other day cause I was in a Tarantino mood, and had a bloody good time watching it Smilie.

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2 years later.

The Theory of Everything

It was about Stephen Hawking, his illness and his relationship with Jane. Eddie Redmayne pretty much carried the film, it was good, but yeah, he was the best thing in it, it's amazing that Stephen's still alive almost 52 years after his diagnoses. A lot of the movie focused on Jane, and I found out a few things I didn't know. 

Overall pretty good, not the best film I've seen, but worth watching 8/10. 

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Jurassic World - 6

Was sort of tempted to to give it a 7,  just because of some of the little references in there to the first film, which was the best part about... but settled with a 6, because overall, I felt it deserves that.

I mean, it was okay, but nothing special. I'd rate it about the same as The Lost World. There was just a lot of stuff happening that was too farfetched, way more so than the original Jurassic Park and was just sat there thinking, why is this happening? The characters were pretty boring, Chris Pratt was the most entertaining. The kids were pretty meh at acting and the woman in charge wasn't very likeable and then suddenly they completely change her personality and it just comes out of nowhere. No one was really memorable, like the original Jurassic Park cast.

The CGI looked.... meh, as well. Considering the original Jurassic Park still holds up today, this didn't look any better. In fact, I'm pretty sure it looked worse in general, because of the overuse of it! Everything just felt more real in the original. This is coming from someone who wasn't wearing their glasses, too (I forgot to put them on, doh!). So I can only imagine it looks worse being able to see it clearly.

I honestly think it was a mediocre film, and I don't really have an interest in seeing it again. The best part for me, was the nostalgia of seeing Jurassic Park references and that's because I love Jurassic Park. So when all that stuff happened, I was like "YES, more of this!" but it only ended up being about 10 minutes worth.

It's clearly doing well though at the box office, so I imagine they'll keep making them. I personally think they should stop.

Watched Blade Runner last night. Pretty good. But is Deckard a replicant or not??

Need to watch more sci-fi films.

I remember watching Blade Runner and finding it really boring and having no idea what was going on. Was filmed nicely though.

It was a bit odd in places. I think I always expected more to come out of the plot, but it really stayed very simple. Basically, four highly advanced and dangerous human-like robots (replicants) came back to Earth to try and get their creator to extend their lifespans (they only live for four years). Deckard is a Blade Runner who hunts and kills them. That's it, really. I think one of the reasons it's so highly regarded is the cyberpunk setting itself that seems to have been highly influential in future media (games, films, music). Definitely wasn't sure about some parts of it, especially the ambiguous ending.

Our member of the week

Well depending on which cut of the film you watched (the most complete and definite one being the Final Cut from 2007) there are multiple hints the he is indeed a replicant himself, such as the unicorn scene where it's made clear that it's not a dream as he's not asleep,so it's a memory he has, but which he can't have since unicorns don't exist, so he has implanted memories himself. Not to mention the film has known some alternative endings too, which shed more ambiguity to whether or not he actually is one. But if you really want to knock yourself out, in early screenplays, he was made clearly a replicant. I guess they changed their mind along the way to induce more mystery though :


( Edited 17.08.2015 23:42 by RudyC3 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I believe the one I did watch was the Final Cut, but yeah, I did a lot of looking into this after watching it, and turns out Ridley Scott has outright confirmed he's a replicant, even with the hints throughout the movie. I picked up on one or two, but there are many that can easily go amiss. It must have been a bloody pain for Harrison Ford, with all these different cuts and alternate/extra scenes he had to do, and just not knowing what the hell was going on with his character lol.

I found out they're doing a sequel, too... That's gonna be interesting to see how it's handled 30 years on. I guess we'll learn a lot more about the type of replicant Deckard is, although I heard he will only appear in the final third of the movie, or something.

( Edited 18.08.2015 02:16 by Azuardo )

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As far as I can tell, from what I read, Harrison Ford wasn't too pleased with certain versions of the movie released to the public, notably over some text he would read for a voice over section which I believe he confessed was horrible. He quite liked the character, and he's much fonder of the latest and definitive version of the film. I wasn't aware there was a sequel in the pipeline. They feel the need lately to resurrect all the old stuff from the 80's, it's insane. I hope they don't ruin everything.

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