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I have a tremendous backlog of games in my collection, and over the past couple of years I've been slowly trying to get as many of them done as I can. I've also been making an effort to get in on some of the best games ever made, thanks to your opinions in my other thread.

At the moment, I'm making my way through Half-Life 2 for the first time, and it's pretty good. I did start Bioshock, but I'm not very far in, and after I got stuck, I tried HL2 and stuck with it. But I'm making this poll for after I beat HL2, to see which game I should play next.

I thought instead of me picking which to play next, why not make it a little fun and ask my good friends at C3? Vote in the poll above, add a post as to why you chose that game too if you like, and by the time I'm done with HL2 I'll check back here.

I've based the selections on games that are held in somewhat of a high regard that I own and have yet to beat. There are other games I need to play that I don't own yet, but feel free to add a post with a game that isn't mentioned if you really think it's worth playing. I might just be able to get hold of it before I beat HL2.

Thanks guys!

Voted for Dark Dawn, as I've played and reviewed it to completion only recently, and can attest to it being awesome. Smilie

Oh, and if you haven't played or got it yet, The World Ends With You. Replaying it myself, fantastic game. Smilie

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Spirit Tracks, because it's so much better than Phantom Hourglass in every way. Plus it feels more original than other Zelda games and has interesting characters.

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In that list, Super Mario RPG? because it's such an epic and awesome game Smilie.

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Earthbound! It's so damn quirky. <3

Chrono Trigger. Probably in my top 5 games of all time.

Haven't got TWEWY, Phoenix, but definitely one to get eventually.

Also, I do want people to vote even if there does end up a clear winner, as that could go towards my next game to play!

Given that choice, I'd play Earthbound.

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My vote goes to Spirit Tracks as it's just so much better than Phantom Hourglass. Music is excellent while PH's was pretty forgettable, new items are very fun to use and it's probably the hardest Zelda game since the Oracle games on the GBC both in terms of puzzles and enemies and that's really something given the low difficulty of recent Zelda games.

I also couldn't agree more with Phoenixus. I'm playing The World Ends With You since almost two weeks with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Smilie Best DS game I've played so far, though it has one fatal flaw...it's so zetta addicting. Smilie

The Clue is in your Lv 55 Forum status...that's what i voted for! A great game! Go on a marathon, it has THE best storyline in any game ever made in my opinion. Just play the games in order that the story goes in!

...if you can't figure out this post...then you are not ready for the game...

Gotta be Chrono Trigger. Bioshock after that.

I still haven't beaten Spirit Tracks. Most boring Zelda I've ever played, but I'm in the minority with that viewpoint.

I have to confess: back when Earthbound was in the lead by a margin, I thought it was going to win. Therefore, I started playing Earthbound a little early. I got a little tired of playing my PS3 and needed a quick fix, so started on that.

But now Chrono Trigger has overtaken it, so it looks like I'll have to end up finishing Earthbound first, then move on to Chrono Trigger. I want to try and get as many of these done as I can, especially before the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta comes out, and before any other games I want come out too. I wonder if I can make it my aim to finish all of those listed above by the end of the year?

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