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Discuss The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii), news, the latest pictures and videos!


I finally completed it.. 100% everything. Shame I didn't copy my save, Hero Mode overwrited it.. oh well! Not like it really matters, I saw the ending, got everything in the game and it was fantastic. Smilie

Did anyone else notice the mention of Monolith Soft in the credits? Smilie Not sure what they did.. but I'd love to know.

Overall, really fantastic game.. fantastic ending and everything. Has anyone started Hero Mode yet? Smilie

( Edited 26.11.2011 01:23 by Mush123 )

I luckily made a copy of my save before the final boss, but didn't know it would only overwrite. Why they don't ask you to save to a new file is ridiculous. I very briefly started Hero Mode, but only for a few minutes. It's just what Zelda needed though! For how many years have we been crying out for a difficulty setting in Zelda? This is a good decision.

Didn't notice Monolith in there, but did a Google search about it, and it looks like no one else knows what they contributed either. Might have only been something small, so got a special thanks for it. Would be interesting to know what it was though, however minor.

Final boss:

Azuardo said:

Final boss:

Maybe Monolith just gave Nintendo a few ideas about the RPG-related elements of the game. Or something like that.

I've been listening to the soundtrack on You Tube and I've discovered this:

During those boss battles my ears tend to switch off and block out everything. I'm so intensely into battle with them. So some of the game's best music was featured during them, but they never stood out as such, because I was too busy battling to take them in.

The one above is great example and is now one of my favourite tracks from the game. I also love Lord Ghirahim's boss music too.

I'm definitely going to listen to the rest of soundtrack on You Tube now.

( Edited 26.11.2011 15:26 by Marzy )

3DS Code 2578-3122-0744

I'm just starting the 3rd dungeon...

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I'm back home for thanksgiving, but because of finals and stuff, I can't play skyward sword till winter break. So, I played my bro's file for like a minute. The first thing I noticed was that the camera seemed fixed. Like before, (if I remember correctly), if you pressed z/l, the camera would go to Link's back. But it didn't in skyward sword. Also, I'm gonna have to get used to the controls. Link moves a little differently, sort of floaty. Again, I only played for a little bit so I don't really know, but I guess that was my very first impression of the game lol.

Hmm, Z still centers behind Link. Not sure why it wasn't for you, unless it was targeting something or a wall in the way..?

I think I was in a really tight location with walls everywhere, so that's probably why. I was freaking out for a bit, cuz Zelda without z targeting would be so weird.

Yeah, there's no camera control at all (apart from centering behind Link), which actually didn't take any getting used to, surprisingly. There were a couple of times where I wanted to move that imaginary C-stick since it's such a natural thing for us, but the game design was done well enough that it was never needed.

Just realised I've been pronouncing Fi's name wrong. I've been saying "Fee", but it's actually "Fai" (Japanese pronunciation, rhymes with "eye").

( Edited 27.11.2011 01:27 by Azuardo )

Completed it. Wow-wee, what a game!

I wasn't too far off either. Smilie

Awesome find on the pic, Phoe. I need to do some more reading up on some of the other stuff people have discovered. So glad there are dedicated fans in the world to discover these things, because I love learning how the games/characters link so much.

Anyone remember that huge scrolling piece of Zelda artwork a while back? Here's an incredible one in the vein of SS (character spoilers);

Also, Girahim speculation;

( Edited 27.11.2011 10:17 by Phoenixus )

Oh my days. Pure sex.

New HD version / PC version, pics:


The comparison shot at the end says it all. I'm hoping for a proper HD version down the line.

3DS Code 2578-3122-0744


Game breaking bug in SS:


Squidboy said:
New HD version / PC version, pics:


The comparison shot at the end says it all. I'm hoping for a proper HD version down the line.

Looks freaking magnificent.

Oh and I hope that "game breaking bug" is patchable. Because considering it happened with Twilight Princess, they really should have learnt from their mistakes.

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ Cubed3.com ] 

Super Mario Galaxy actually looks like a 360/PS3 game using the Dolphin.

Super Mario Galaxy HD

Hmm... that game breaking bug doesn't seem right. None of us here got it and I know for a fact, me and SirLink did Faron, Lanayru, then Eldin.

I never ran into the bugs in Twilight Princess, nor did it happen to me in Metroid: Other M. Weird stuff.

^ You have to do Lanayru first, to begin with.

I've not had those bugs in any of those games either, but the fact it's there is worrying.

Azuardo said:
^ You have to do Lanayru first, to begin with.

I've not had those bugs in any of those games either, but the fact it's there is worrying.

A couple of people reported that if you do Faron or Eldin after Lanayru, then there is a chance that this game breaking glitch occurs. By that, they mean Faron -> Lanayru -> Eldin or Eldin -> Lanayru -> Faron.

( Edited 29.11.2011 08:17 by Mush123 )

Oh you mean you can do Lanayru second, and it still bugs up if you do Faron or Eldin third?


After hearing so many versions of this awesome song, I was only waiting for someone to make one in Mario Paint. Smilie

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