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Discuss Pokémon X and Y (Nintendo 3DS), news, the latest pictures and videos!

User Poll - Who will/did you pick as your starter?

Chespin is the way to go!
I'm gonna pick Fennekin!
I think I'll go with Froakie


add me

4742-5287-5850 Aron

Add me for battles/trades/and safari exchange.

Friend code 2466 2691 3667

message me when done

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2809 8618 6831 add me and message me so i can add you!

Need friends for safari zone! FC is 3239-2801-7666

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Please add me Smilie

My Friend Code is 4554-0158-2191, please add me. would like to get my hands on a larvitar holding a aggronite. I've a Aron holding a Tyranitarite up for grabs

Onwards, TO NOWHERE! Proud owner of Farming Simulator 2013.

Here's my main team on Pokemon X.

Image for
Image for
Image for
Image for
Image for

And finally, my Ledian which is a shiny! Ran into a shiny Ledyba yesterday. Smilie

Image for

my friend code is 4957-2645-5402 add me and reply with your code please,
btw my 3ds name is Arnes

ADD my FC message me if u added me Smilie

Add me: 4055-3391-9175 

I'll add my code here as well!
The Kitt's FC: 4098-2926-3726
My Safari is Psychic with Espurr, Xatu and Munna.
Still working on getting my pro team together.
YES, I am up to date for once and have a game in time. PRE-european release even! Muahahahahhaha....!
Give me a poke if you add me and I'll add ya right back! ("Poke", get it? Ehe hehe... heh...)

Tsusuka I added you John 4484-9013-5922

John fc4484-9013-5922 please add mme and let me know your FC so I can add you too thank everrybody

adding as many cods as possible!  add me too - 3539-9330-2966

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Will add the previous ten FC and the next 5 FCs that come after this

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i will add all people from page 1 to page 5..

hopefully my mind still in one piece.. ^^

Got togepi and chansey for trade if anyones interested then message me

I need friend codes for safari. Mine is 5214_9718_3582

Yo gang what's goin' on in he-

I've missed a lot, but it won't surprise anyone to know that I played Pokémon Y nonstop (at least until Ace Attorney Dual Destinies came out).

My gameplay is around 140 hours and my Pokédex is around 300 but I'll have more solid numbers when I play it next. Overall though my impressions are that this is the best Pokémon game ever made?? I don't say that lightly, I was very disappointed with Gen5 as a game in general despite always being pretty positive about the series. The game design here is impeccable, the music is nice, the dialogue is rich and memorable again, the new visuals give everything so much more life and some Pokémon I used to think were meh are now more interesting or cute to me thanks to their animations! I really underestimated how such a change could impact things. Plus.. thanks to Pokémon Amie, I have a party that I'm more attached to than any party I've had in a while. I can't ditch them! Even though their natures and abilities aren't that great! Smilie

I will say that as far as Pokémon designs go it's not my favourite bunch, there are some really cool new standouts like Espurr, Pumpkaboo, and Zygarde (oh man gimme the third version now) but the new Megas and seeing the amazing Gen5 Pokémon in 3D makes up for it. Plus what can I say? it's really awesome to have a region which is like a melting pot for Pokémon, all Pokémon from all gens mix and match in Kalos without much sign of favouritism and that's my favourite kind of region! I mean you see a Sudowoodo in a Trevenant horde and it's hilarious but it just works! I love when they make Pokémon into one consistent world Smilie (let's forget about the blatent Pikachu favouritism for now..)

PS. my friend list is almost full so I'm becoming picky with who I add (sorry Smilie ) I will PM people I wish to add I spose.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Does anyone with Pokemon Y want to trade Charizidite Y for Charizidite X?

I could either give it to a version exclusive Pokemon to hold or a Charmander if you need one.

My friend code is 3711-7258-6250.

Edit - Traded

( Edited 08.11.2013 04:21 by ancient eagle )

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