Nintendo Wii U Direct Summary & Poll - Zelda, Mario, Miiverse, Yoshi, Pikmin 3 and more!

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Hm, I think it should be a single vote poll, so only gonna vote for the single thing that had me most excited - rethinking the concepts of Zelda.

As much as I love Zelda, Monolith Soft's new game excited me the most. Only a trailer for the new Wii U Zelda could have compared to it for me.

Bayonetta 2 and X

But hyped for a more flexible Miiverse and the Zelda stuff too of course... And soon W101 Smilie

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So much great stuff announced today, like a mini E3. Can't wait to see the new 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Smash.

Mario Kart should hopefully be out this year, would be a solid system seller for sure alongside WInd Waker.

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SmilieNo idea what my favorite thing announced is. I voted Monolith's new game because that absolutely amazed me. But today was a fantastic day for Nintendo fans. I'm so glad I got a Wii U.

Posting screenshots from VC games is cool -  Id like that standard in all games period really.
Ditto for controller reconfigeration. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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commanderbacon (guest) 24.01.2013#7

this is the best nintendo direct ever! I nearly cried when they announced a remake of my favorite game ever, Wind waker.

Matt (guest) 25.01.2013#8

I am pretty surprised that they are going to have Game Boy Advance games on the WiiU Virtual Console. I wonder if they will ever add classic Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games as well.

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