Nintendo to Release New 2DS Hardware that Ditches 3D Output

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I was pretty much laughing when I first saw this but it makes sense, I guess. Ditching the clamshell means young kids can't break it and it's quite a bit cheaper too (I'm assuming mainly because they don't need to manufacture 3D screens) which should make it more attractive for parents to buy.

In short, not for us...but I know people are going to bitch about this anyway even though it doesn't affect us in any way.

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*Checks calendar*'s not April! Smilie

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Adam Riley said:
*Checks calendar*'s not April! Smilie

Literally what went through my mind Smilie

Don't like the design and it feels horribly fractured; although I suspect that the 3D part of the 3DS isn't really the bit that sells it...

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How weird! Doesn't look attractive or comfortable imo. Still one analogue and presumably smaller screens than the XL, so I'm not interested. I'm still waiting to grab a cheap XL, though I was hoping for new dual-analogue model!

Woah that thing is ugly

Can't see the point but I guess it's not as pointless as WiiMini.

It's probably going to be trashed on gaming sites since "gamers" expect every single game and device to be targeted towards them (aka 18-30 year old males).

However, it actually is a really great system for the audience it is targeting: young kids.
- No 3D (it's always recommended to turn off the 3D for younger eyes)
- No hinge to break (this will likely survive being dropped down a flight of stairs - like I accidentally did with my Game Boy more than once as a kid - as opposed to a hinged device that would likely break).
- Cheaper

Well, this is unexpected. Nintendo is obviously denying it, but I wonder if this is the first step in them shifting away from 3D entirely. Wouldn't shock me if their next gen handheld abandoned the format.

At least to my eyes, 3D has mostly been a gimmick with no gameplay benefit. If the next iteration of the handheld could get it right (still no glasses, much larger sweetspot) I'd still have interest in the tech. But generally I play my 3DS games in 3D for all of fifteen minutes to "ooh" and "ahhh" and then go back to the much easier on the eyes (and battery) 2D mode.

In that sense, 90% of the 3DS experience for a lot of players who ignore the feature is retained in this device, for a decent chunk of change less. So if you don't give a toss about 3D this isn't a bad device.

But then what's up with Nintendo and wretched hardware design these days? I miss the days of simple elegance that came from products like the GBA SP, GBA Micro, DS lite, and DSi. All current iterations of the 3DS/2DS lines look cheap and even ridiculous. It makes Nintendo's hardware stand out, sure, but for the wrong reasons.

Two screens makes sense for a clamshell design. Two screens on one plastic slate looks like garbage. It's not just that it's not very portable (it won't fit in a pocket), or that the screens are a little easier to scratch up now, but it just looks bad!

If they had made it a clamshell design (basically, a 3DS with the slider stuck in the off position) and at this lower price, I would've been excited! I'm on a tight budget and, while the option of 3D would be nice to have, I don't really need the 3D. I could conceivably afford this 2DS if I save up a bit, but I don't want it.


Nintendo has announced plans to ditch the 3D component of the 3DS and release a new, standalone "entry-level" portable called 2DS.

When I read this, it sounds like Nintendo has officially announced that they're done with 3D. That's not the case right? This is just a new, budget friendly handheld, but I assume they'll still be making 3DS systems.

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I personally think the original 3DS looks beautiful. Even though this 2DS isn't for me as I love the 3D effect and use it almost all the time (except for DKCR:3D which is too fuzzy), I can see the appeal and do think it looks quite neat.

Stupid. Stupid. Very Stupid.
$40 is not significate for such downsides.

" I love the 3D effect and use it almost all the time (except for DKCR:3D which is too fuzzy), I can see the appeal and do think it looks quite neat."

Its not needed, but its nice. Like stero sound. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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I hope Nintendo don't use up the WiiU marketing budget on this!

Release it in Japan and I'll happily import one though. Smilie

Interesting decision! I can definitely see this work out. Most people don't care about 3D, so if they can sell a much cheaper console by removing the feature, why not? 

The 3DS has so many good games, but the hardware isn't selling that well outside Japan. This 2DS will put more hardware into the hands of customers. Which in the end is also good for us, the 3DS gamers. 

Whats weird is that its starting to grow on me fast :-o

Well, if some people like the 2DS, then good. I think it's ugly and not portable enough, but obviously this is subjective. I won't be buying it, but I hope it finds its audience and that the audience enjoys it.

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"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18

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