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Share Pokémon X and Y (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

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Hello everyone. This is probably not the first FC exchange post, nor will it be the last, but this list is purely made up of people I met using cubed3.com's chat room found here. Before I post the list below, I thought it would be a good idea to explain how Friend Safari works.

I will leave the mechanics explaining to serebii.net, but I am going to explain more about how to actually get people added to your safari. (Edit: Serebii FINALLY fixed their safari list, and organized it better too)


Friend Safari takes advantage of your friends list in your 3DS to unlock Pokemon in-game. There are a few steps that need to be taken to get the full benefits of Friend Safari:

  • You must add the other person to your friends list in your 3DS. If they don't add you back, you do not get to see their safari at all. You can find your 3DS FC (Friend Code) in your friends list in the 3DS main menu when you have your own Friend Card focused.
  • After you add each other, you both need to see each other online in Pokemon PSS (Player Search System) to unlock each other's third pokemon and also Dream World or Hidden Abilities. A good way to check if this is done correctly is by going to your Friend Safari and checking that your friend's icon is not a ? and (assuming your friend defeated the Elite 4) that you can see a third Pokemon in their list.
  • SAVE YOUR GAME! I lost many unlocked safari's because I forgot to save after i saw the other person online.

    Adding your Pokémon X and Pokémon Y 3DS friend code

    Image for

    Make sure to reply with your 3DS FC if you are on the list and all the information if you are not.  I need your 3DS name, your safari's type and the three Pokemon that are in it with your FC if you are not listed already. If you don't know or don't list it, I will PM you and figure a way to get the information.

    Bugs and Fixes

    Although the Pokemon Company is usually very good at QA testing, they will miss some bugs that can occur during gameplay:

    Bug 1: There is a bug that involves you not being able to see your newly added friends in your Friends list in Pokemon PSS, but instead they show up in Acquaintances or Passersby. An easy fix is to simply turn off and on your Wireless on your 3DS.

    Bug 2: There is a bug that involves you not being able to see Vivillion in your bug safari list, even if you had already seen it in that safari. This is a visual bug and will not affect gameplay. There is no fix at the moment.


    Q: How come I can't see my friend's third Pokemon?
    A: There a few reasons why you did not see their third Pokemon. Either you did not see each other online in Pokemon PSS, you friend did not complete the Elite 4 for the first time, or you are experiencing the bug I mentioned earlier and simply need to switch on and off your wireless.

    Q: Do I still get hidden ability Pokemon if my friend is offline?
    A: I personally tested this part of the mechanic and I have been able to capture hidden ability Pokemon from people I haven't even seen online (after seeing them online ONCE at some point to unlock hidden ability Pokemon). If you are still skeptical, just try catching a bunch of Pokemon in an offline person's safari and see.

    Q: Do I still get hidden ability Pokemon if my "friend" removes me from their list?
    A: Like the previous question, I tested it and found out that you ARE able to capture hidden ability pokemon no matter if your friend removes you or not.

    Q: If my friend removes me from their list, do I lose their safari?
    A: No, the only way to lose someone's safari is to actually remove them. Once again, once you see the other person online ONCE, the Pokemon and hidden ability unlocking are saved.

    ( Edited 01.10.2014 23:53 by cyclonesama )

  • [Reserved]


    4527-8553-9919 Drew


    3308-5398-7896 Chris

    Steph (3995-6681-5947)


    Shu 4768-8198-3439
    Grass Type - Ivysaur

    I've added everyone above my post. Added Mel and Tubster.
    Added jroe

    ( Edited 23.10.2013 03:59 by Shu112 )



    Bug Type

    1. Paras

    2. Masquerain

    3. Pinsir

    ( Edited 23.10.2013 04:43 by Mellow )

    3110-5199-7796 - Tubster T

    2466 2691 3667



    Athena 3394-3615-6618 ground type :-Smilie

    2165 5364 3256
    Ground Type

    4210 5167 5728 Steph


    ( Edited 23.10.2013 05:07 by lmist )


    please add me ^^


    ign -Sergio
    Grass type - Ivysaur

    ( Edited 23.10.2013 04:21 by GhostCat )

    Damon - 542980140980

    Will be adding all for a while
    --- 1907-9209-0708 ---- wmontbell


    Please Pm me my type and pokemon someone

    ( Edited 23.10.2013 05:56 by killerdeath911 )

    021616214396 I dont know mine add me Jarrod

    ( Edited 23.10.2013 05:21 by jmcballer )

    GhostCat said:
    ign -Sergio
    Grass type - Ivysaur

    Would you want to add me? Anyone else can too. 

    Daniel - FC 1220 - 6780 - 0829 

    barbaracle, nosepass and magcargo

    looking for ditto safari !!!

    dantheman805 said:

    Would you want to add me? Anyone else can too. 

    Daniel - FC 1220 - 6780 - 0829 

    added you


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