Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers says Eurogamer

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Yes, I'm here, for the one member who remembers me.

And no thread for this? You bunch of very un-Nintendo loons. 

So, Eurogamer are very confident in their sources here, which means it's likely true. Allow me to express some thoughts:

I think the presented design is a really, really stonking one. I think the use of a Tegra chip is uncharacteristically savvy for Nintendo and it's another case of Nintendo slightly innovating in the console space by reapplication of existing technologies. However, in this case, nothing about the NX strikes one as a gimmick. This is a product that is a timely and modern response to the current market.

We're talking a unified, tight, desirable all-in-one Nintendo system with typical Nintendo console quality software that is totally portable and plenty powerful for it's purpose. It'll be ideal for local multiplayer considering it readily comes with two controllers and can be transported very easily.

Their online systems up to this point have been pitiful, of course. Presumably, the online system will be vastly improved factoring in their partnership with DeNA, so we're talking convenient access to a huge library of old Nintendo games presented in a way that you'd perhaps consider purchasing directly from them, rather than emulating on something else. Free online play will remain, one hopes.

And I hope other yet-to-be-revealed details all similarly align in such a promising way, but this is an unusually responsive and forward-thinking Nintendo. They're fighting back. As ever, the success will be measured in software (and sales, I guess) but it's looking very impressive indeed.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild in your handbag, aye? Sounds quite nice.


IANC said:
Dude yuor totally awesome. And i won't be killing you anytime soon.

Sounds exactly what I want from the next Nintendo console, but the software is what matters. The Wii U has been quite shite tbh, in terms of hardcore Nintendo fanfare. It's had a great few games, to be sure, but it's not anywhere close to the number of quality GameCube titles. That has to change this time. I don't care if third party support is crap; it's the Nintendo software I buy Nintendo hardware for (I buy PlayStations for non-Nintendo stuff), so if they can deliver on the good stuff - and not just your typical crap (I'm talking F-Zero, Metroid FPS, 2D Metroid, proper 3D Mario, etc) - then I'll be happy.

In general tho, a hybrid portable-home console is exactly what I want.

I was skeptical when I first heard this mainly because I thought one of the very few things they've actually said about now the NX is that it is a home console (at least primarily) whereas this makes it out to be a portable primarily. I feel like this also seems to go against recent patent filings, though not that they are necessarily indicative of any future product.

I would definitely love a nice big screen on a portable. I never had an XL DS or 3DS because I always got my systems before they came out, but I always wanted one.

I definitely disagree with the "pitiful" description in regards to the Nintendo Network. I'm not sure how what you describe would be different than the Virtual Console service that currently exists. Perhaps you might elaborate?

The potential for easy multiplayer anywhere with just a single system is an intriguing for games like Mario Kart as an example.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to hear what NX is going to be!

( Edited 28.07.2016 06:11 by Sonic_13 )

I did this concept about a decade back;

Image for

My idea was more about trying to maximize different forms of play though, rather then the goal being a merging of portable and homeconsole. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Had some time to think over this and I felt I came in a bit too negative looking back on my post. Firstly, my initial reaction was confusion, because I didn't quite understand what it was or how it could work well.

So, I think one of the coolest things about this is it means Nintendo can focus all their development on one console, rather the spreading their teams. That can mean even better and well polished games and also probably a much better consistency with game releases. No more having to develop two different Mario Kart games, it can just be one.

I think it has some really nice potential for the portable side of it. For example, imagine taking it on a journey and being able to build a Mario Maker level and then when you get back home in the evening, you can dock-up and continue it on the big screen. It would work exceptionally well for a game like Animal Crossing, a game that's always been well suited to a portable device. Again, you an take it out, do a bit of work around your town and then dock it up at home to potentially do some extra things that are more suited to a bigger screen. Maybe a sort of hub area or something.

Then you have a game like Pokémon (the main series) and lots of people have been wanting a home console RPG for a very long time. This could certainly make that happen! I think that's a pretty big deal in itself.

I think my main concern is the power of the Tegra chip. I don't really know what it's comparable too, so it's hard for me to say much on it. Hopefully it will be more powerful than the Wii U and it means we get a better Breath of the Wild experience. I mentioned before, I think it would be disappointing if it was just a straight port with no changes or improvements.

I'm still not too sure about the detachable controllers, too. Am I right in saying it's basically a Nintendo tablet you can carry around, but the point of the detachable controllers is to you have a better gameplay experience with more complex controlled games? Like, playing games with touchscreen buttons is never fun, since there's no feedback or feeling to the buttons.

My assumption before was the controllers were the actual system controllers. So that's why I was really confused.

From what I've read, if it's the new Tegra chip then happy days, but if it's the original version then that might not be so capable- particularly if they're really aiming for for XB1/PS4 standards of oomph. Knowing Nintendo, it's hard to make a call on which one it'll be. 

The one platform deal is a very good idea, especially since Nintendo are used to getting the most out of hardware with less power than competitors. The only shame of that is, I can't see third-parties getting more involved when there's no parity with the other systems. If anything Nintendo have even less reason to care about them.

If there's interchangeable pads, I just hope the thing looks sleek, not like a toy. 


Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ ] 

ok my take... ive herd about the nvidia vs amd rumours and to be honest who cares? i have been gaming 25+ yrs and as always with nintendo the gpu will be powerful enough for the games they what to produce and my experience tells me that their games are usually graphically good so im not concerned. what i am concern about are the system features. i heard a rumour that there was some mobile phn bluetooth integration, where u could pair your phn and your social media msg would appear on a media bar and calls could be route through the device, that would be cool. other questions concerns are AR and or VR integration?  will i recieve gold or platinum points for completing games? is voice and party chat fully integrated? are we going to get a full comprehensive vc this time? unified account system? these are just few. my point is.. if this nx console (no matter what form factor its in) has the same thinking behind the online infrastructure as the wiiu, wiii, ds and 3ds then its going to die no matter how pretty the graphics are.

NX as a hyrid

i can see the benifits of having a hybrid console. more games, less wait but for me it makes more sense that nintendo develop a console and a portable. i believe NX to be a platform rather than 1 device, nintendo has stated that. if that platform enables games to be scaled up or down, 1 game can be played on both using the same cart. having a home console with ps4+ specs and a handheld that can be docked to act as an scd nintendo could go the smart phone route with its handhelds and release yearly upgrades which in turn would upgrade the home console. if the games are scalable then there shouldnt be a problem

i dont get the eurogamer rumour. detachable controllers? 2player local on a handheld? why would u want to remove the contollers from your dedicated handheld? to be left with a tablet and where do u put those controlers when detatched, are there enough buttons for decent multiplayer? im not feeling the detachable control thing.

NX Mobile

i do believe that the nx platform will be able to play mobile games. i think nintendo will enter the fray. we will have ios, android and nxos. mobile developers will develop for all three or alternatively nintendo may decide to adapt or use google play. there was a rumour a while back claiming NX os was based on android so the possibility is there.

as always with nintendo we jst have to wait and see. what ever they are cooking there will be areas that surprise and areas that are a let down. just hope they get it together so we can get that return to the snes days. aint nothing better than a nintendo console with full third party support. the other two just dnt have what nintendo have and if nintendo has the third party support that ps4 gets then as a gamer i dont see why u would want any other console.


Seems like everyone has been focusing on the controllers, but not the screen. Just like Nintendo to throw a curve ball.

​This rumour from today is so insane it could only come from a Nintendo source. And man, that stuff about Iwata, if that's true, I'll be crying...

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