Any good indie (free) short games heavy on concepts/story?

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I am looking for a short but free indie game that really makes you think.

Some of the ones I've enjoyed immensely are:
"No one has to die", "Loved", "Eversion", and to some extent "A darkened room".

Even just a good simply tower defense but mainly looking for a platformer or story game.

I'm all alone!

If you don't mind horror or puzzle driven story you could play Ib or Mirai Nikki

Both are oldies but also pretty awesome!

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I own all the consoles, ask me anything

You could check out Marie's Room on Steam - it's also free and pretty well regarded.

Hey finally some responses!

I recommend the Nifflas games.

Check them out here:


You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

God said:
I recommend the Nifflas games.

Check them out here:


what is it

Been playing 'Raging Loop' on switch, its a surprisngly good visual novel based on the 'werewolf' game.

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