Review: Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

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Yeah, I'm surprise at how 'safe' the team's played this one. The story doesn't seem to grab the attention that much, either. I have to admit the temptation to change the options so no damage is taken proves to be too tempting at times Smilie Shows how little time I've got nowadays!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Nothing wrong with that. My priorities have changed a lot over the years, too, so I always greatly appreciate a range of choice in difficulty options these days.

But yes, "safe" is probably the right word. There isn't much offered to urge you to push onward, despite me liking the more explorative style they went with. It didn't go far enough into that design choice tho, and the story/characters didn't give me much to get excited about either.

I feel like even with other Mario characters (supposedly the devs wanted to use Daisy and Wario too), they'd have to forge more of a personality with each one, because Nintendo seems to be more conservative than ever with the Mario crew now, and I'm not sure how that attracts anyone.

I'm obviously a big Yoshi fan and had to express my disappointment at him being excluded (and from the DLC too, now that it's been fully revealed), but I fully believe this group of developers could make a fun and humorous storyline if they focused on Yoshi and his island like they did with DK in the last game's DLC adventure. Yoshi has potential to be one of the much more interesting Mario characters if the shackles and mind were freed a bit.

In this game, Mario, Luigi, nor Peach offer anything remotely interesting to the story or cutscenes. And once Bowser's scenes have played out after he joins the team, he's done with too.

Maybe that's what you get with Mario games these days, and if that's the case, I guess I'm expecting way too much, but I feel this game had the potential to deliver something fans like myself have been seeking from Nintendo for way too long now.

Still! Had some fun with this regardless of my complaints and I would be keen to see a third game...just giving Yoshi a much fairer place in the crew, alongside Daisy for sure :p

I didn't play the first but I'm liking the look of both! This does seem to have generated less of a murmur so I hope it still does well, that way we might see a more adventurous title in the future.

Also re difficulty, I played control with one-hit kills and infinite health as it seemed more fun that way XD Shhh, don't tell anyone Smilie

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