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Star Fox Command for Nintendo DS- Review

I have a few review lying around so here's one of them...

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A few years have gone by in the world of Star Fox,with Andross destroyed Falco is once again wondering the galaxy alone, Slippy has found true love, Krystal has left the team, Peppy is now the General of the Lylat Army,leaving Fox fighting the good fight in the Star Fox Command. The game returns back to it's roots, leaving out the not so great on foot missions, and being an all flying shooter, mapping out your attacks and keeping your main ship, The Great Fox from being destroyed, and with the help of your friends you meet on the way, having to take down certain enemies before your fuel goes down or destroying missles before they reach the ship. The game doesn't allow you to use the D-pad, instead you use the stylus to control your ship, now don't get discouraged about that(hey what are doing, get back here), using the stylus atually works extremely well, it took no time at all to get used to the controls. Multiplayer is where this game shines allowing 2-6 player on a single card, or 2-4 on wi-fi randomly but evenly matching you for battle.

The bad thing about the game is that it's short, the main game is only about 8 hours, and though there are different paths and endings allowing you to unlock ships as you go, you might get tired of it all too quickly. You're also allowed to use your voice in place of the games default sound, though this sounds cool; the way everyone speaks (think the first Star Fox) you won't even know the difference.Not to worry though, the good more than weighs out the bad, and if you're able to play this online you won't even care about the short lived story mode, I'm glad that the game returns to the space dog fights adventure that we know and love, let's just the hope the next time we stay alittle longer.


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