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By Jorge Ba-oh 27.11.2008 4

Professor Layton Animated Film on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Level 5 have confirmed the title for an animated film based on the Professor Layton mystery games.

The developed confirmed the title as the incredibly original "Professor Layton: The First Movie", set to air in Japan in January 2010. Akihiro Hino will be drafting a brand new story for the film version - his credits including all three Layton games, and directing Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX.

Box art for Professor Layton and the Curious Village








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Love the cutscenes in the game so hope to see this over here some time this century. Smilie

And hopefully the film will be given a better subtitle come release.Smilie

SHWEET twill be awesome!

Yeah the cur scenes had this charm to them...almost Tin-Tin like.

Wow I was surprised there wasn't one already! Maybe I'll get into this myself after I get Layton 1.

Now they really need to make a Phoenix Wright anime or movie...

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