E310 Media | Kid Icarus Uprising Announced For 3DS

By Calum Peak 16.06.2010 8

E310 Media | Kid Icarus Uprising Announced For 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Amidst the exciting reveal of Nintendo's new hardware, the 3DS, they set to shock us further with the announcement of a title that many have wanted for a long time. Enter Kid Icarus: Uprising a brand new title exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system.

The last Kid Icarus was released 25 years ago, now Pit will feature in his own new title on the 3DS. Now on the wide-screen marvel, Pit has the power to fly for a maximum of five minutes where he has epic air battles to get to his destination then his battle will carry out on whilst on foot. Baring his trusty bow-blades, Pit will take on a host of enemies in order to protect cities and other landmarks.

Mashiro Sakurai, the man behind Kirby and Super Smash Bros., and now at the forefront of Kid Icarus explained that he felt the controls on the DS were slightly sluggish and wanted to bring a 'standard but new' approach - by being able to move the character and the camera at the same time for better reaction time; Pit is now even easier than ever to control on Nintendo's new technology, the 3DS.


Image for E310 Media | Kid Icarus Uprising Announced For 3DS
Image for E310 Media | Kid Icarus Uprising Announced For 3DS

What are your expectations for Kid Icarus? Where you surprised at the announcement of such an old gem?

Box art for Kid Icarus: Uprising








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This is the game that blew me away the most from Nintendos conference, it was so unexpected, when it was being introduced I thought we were going to see a new Mario game then blam!! Kid Icarus

Wow. Nintendo really are a better company when other companies threaten their supremacy. Apple came at them from all angles and Nintendo just attacked.

Planning to play 3D movies. This is very un nintendo, if sony and Apple hadnt entered the handheld industry this feature wouldnt have happened.

Oh and yay, kid Icarus!

Wow! I was so shocked!! I still can't believe this. But Nintendo has answered our gaming wishes. They listen to their fans; and they deliver. I'm very pleased. Kudos, Nintendo! Long live Nintendo!

"Do a Barrel Roll!"

FINALLY, took them long enough to show us a new Kid Icarus, it's been rumoured for aaaages. :p Is a surprise to see it on the 3DS. And I'm not really bothered about it to be honest, undecided as to whether or not I'll get it.

I loved when Pit flew into the screen and said, "Sorry I'm Late" Smilie

Obvious reference to the myriad of Kid Icarus rumours we have heard over the years.

Currently Playing: Super Mario Galaxy, Wario Land: Shake It, A Boy and His Blob, Little King Story Pre-Ordered: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M

The trailer looks so fun, I can't wait to try it out myself. About time Kid Icarus was announced in some form.

Wow! Just great!
I feared they messed up when I saw the leaked artwork from Faktor 5's game approach, AND I feared it would be a small game for a console, which takes away all my couch experience (a LOT of games come out on DS and not on Wii when they should do exactly this, mostly RPGs), but aside from the great artstyle (yay, they took it from SSBB!) there is a great gameplay and great visuals. It seems 3DS may be capable of doing great graphics!

This one is a must for me, great gameplay by the way. Very mature, I want to add. No platformer but a hybrid of great ideas!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Never really played the original Kid Icarus (aside from the demo on Brawl) but this looks to be a fun game.. may actually have to check out the NES version soon.

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