Miyamoto's Thoughts On Mario Kart 3DS Tilt Control

By Richard 25.10.2010 15


Japanese print publication, Nintendo Dream, recently asked Shigeru Miyamoto for his thoughts on including "gyro-control" with the upcoming 3DS version of Mario Kart.

According to Japanese site GameMemo which summarises, Miyamoto-san said it would be difficult to combine 3D display output with tilt controls in such a racing game, because tilting the machine beyond angle parameters would make the viewer lose the 3D effect.

Anyone who's had some hands-on time with Nintendo's new handheld would be aware of this possibility. Just to clarify, the issue doesn't lie with the hardware itself, the 3DS is perfectly capable of displaying in 3D while using it's gyroscopic motion detector, however, using the two features in combination will naturally cause some conflict.

Of course, players could simply slide the 3D slider down manually after a on-screen prompt, so the upcoming 3DS version of Mario Kart could still include tilt controls. Time will tell, as it always does.

Are you ready to see a legion of 3DS users tilting their 3DS's around with big grins on their faces?.

Thanks to GameMemo

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I'm not sure I'd dig tilt controls actually, but so long as conventional control is optional I'm happy with whatever they choose to experiment with.

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I'd be annoyed if they didn't add tilt, a waste of a good ds capability.

(As long as they give people the choice to switch back to normal controls...)

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Joe (guest) 25.10.2010#3

Tilt racing games suck monkey ass, be it wii, iphone or whatever, shite shite shite.

But as superlinks says I don't care if it' just an optional thing.

What would be fun it if the screen tilts as you tilts as you go round corners, making the game always seem being the right way round.

Other than that, I think I'll stick to the slide pad or D-pad.

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Might be fun for some, I guess. As long as they keep it optional(which they will anyways) I'm totally fine with them trying out new things.

If this happens, it will be optional. I mean, look at Mario Kart Wii, so many control options. If they did add it, I would probably use it at home, but not when I'm out. Smilie

I always used the steering wheel in MKW, I just found it easier/better. But eh, that's probably just me? Smilie

It wouldn't help the 3d, but it would be cool if they kept the camera "fixed" relative to gravity as you turned the system.
So the viewpoint is always the correct way up regardless of how you turn the system.

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Tilt in some not so hectic games would be great (RPGs, Strategy games, Sims, etc.) but in an action or racing game it would take you out of it and distract you since you'd have to also be constantly re-adjusting your position so you can still see the 3D.

As long as I have a choice in my control options, and I'm sure Nintendo will give it to us, I'm straight.

( Edited 25.10.2010 18:22 by Glenjamin )

I always use the Wheel as well in MK:Wii. But if the screen is on the wheel... well, I think it would be too hard to use that way. I'll just stick with regular controls.

It does work on the iPod Touch, but those games are built around those controls, so the games seem a bit on rails with no accelerate button.

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Yoshindo (guest) 26.10.2010#12

I'd be willing to give it a try, though I feel that I will rely on the slide pad. It's good to see hardware features supported.

GrayFox (guest) 26.10.2010#13

I smell fail. Just can't imagine tilt control and 3D would be any good. Urgh. Damn yous Shiggy!

I think tilt controls might be a bad idea with a handheld. If you're playing on the go, that could lead to some difficulty in playing as well as some poor responses due to natural motion perceived by the gyro.

Like video game music?!
Do a Barrel Roll!<

What I'm hoping is that they'll bring the ability to snake back, MKWii was so annoying without it.

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