Famitsu Surveys Potential 3DS XL Adopters

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.07.2012 4

Famitsu Surveys Potential 3DS XL Adopters on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

As Japan prepares for the launch of the new 3DS XL, Famitsu Magazine quizzed readers on just who'll be buying the new model.

The survey was conducted with an undisclosed number of visitors to the magazine's website on whether or not they would purchase the 3DS XL , plus colour preferences.

  • 29.4% plan to buy a 3DS XL eventually.
  • 28.9% plan to buy at launch.
  • 24.3% don't intend to buy one.
  • 17.4% will wait to try the console in person.

Of those who do intend to adopt the new hardware, 70% already own the current 3DS.The Red/Black variety is the favourite with more than a third of those surveyed, 38.9%, opting for this flavour. The white model came second at 32.8%, with Silver/Black last at 28.3%.

  • 54.6% of readers felt the price is right.
  • 62.3% of retailers felt the price is right.
Now it's your turn - will you be buying a 3DS XL? Have your say in your poll below.

User Poll: Will you purchase the Nintendo 3DS XL?

Yes at launch, I own a 3DS
Yes at launch, I don't own a 3DS
Yes eventually, I own a 3DS
Yes evetually, I don't own a 3DS
Undecided, may do eventually
Will try it first

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Foxy (guest) 12.07.2012#1

I already own an original 3DS, and dont understand why anybody would buy what is effectively the same console twice.

Unless you have really bad eyesight and require the bigger screens, id forget buying an XL and use the money to buy more games instead.

erc (guest) 12.07.2012#2

If there was an additional analog stick it would have been a day one buy. Since it does not--I'll hold out until Monster Hunter makes it's way to the West.

I'll probably end up buying a Vita before the XL

Definitely, my giant hands will benefit greatly from the extra grip space and those glorious screens will be icing on the cake. Plus more battery life is always welcome. Smilie

Doesn't fix any of my issues with the system, so unless it blows me a way in person, no.

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