Toki Tori 3DS Out this Week in North America

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.08.2012

Toki Tori 3DS Out this Week in North America on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has approved a release for the 3DS virtual console edition of the classic Toki Tori this week in the US.

The original title and concept dates back to the Game Boy Colour - over a decade ago, and has since gained a multitude of fans and seen enhanced remakes on the Wii, iPhone and PC. Players can now re-experience the original game, with a North American release date set for Thursday August 30th on the 3DS eShop, as confirmed by Two Tribes on Twitter.

Already out in Europe, Toki Tori, was well received by Cubed3's Rudy Lavaux in our 9/10 review, as "simply one of the best puzzlers ever made for the system".

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