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By Jorge Ba-oh 24.02.2004 1

Second Sight
Free Radical Return With a Thriller...

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Free Radical have announced one of their secret projects in development today known as Second Sight. Currently underway for all three next generation consoles, a title from the makers of critically acclaimed TimeSplitters takes a new twist to shooting action by having a very detailed focus on the storyline and abilities of the characters players pursue the role of. Second Sight is the result of a storyline based on a thriller plotline combined with paranormal psychic expertise, stealth and covert action which the team have promised to vary the standards set by previous titles in the range for action and adventure titles in the current console generation.

The plot revolves around a human male known as John Vattic that awakens from a critical coma where has is the primary focus of surgery and experimentation in a illicit US medical facility. No weapons of mass destruction here. His mind and physical status is weak, he doesn

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