A Video of Wii U Miiverse Running on Mobile Devices

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.03.2013

A Video of Wii U Miiverse Running on Mobile Devices on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A video of Miiverse running on mobiles, shown during this year's GDC, shows how you'll be able to access the world of Nintendo on the move.

Earlier this week Nintendo held a presentation to highlight to developers incoming features that will be incorporated into the social network, including an improved API to better integrate Miiverse into games - booting up to a specific level or point in a game was just one of the examples.

During the presentation Nintendo's Kiyoshi Mizuki demonstrated a short clip of a development mock-up of just how Miiverse could look when running on a mobile device, like an iPhone. Initially Nintendo intend to have the service running in your browser that presumably scales if viewing on a portable or desktop. Dedicated/native apps also planned to be released at some stage.

The first wave of Miiverse outside the Wii U is expected to launch on mobiles/browsers this May, with the Nintendo 3DS version to be confirmed.


Will you access Miiverse from your mobile, what do you think of the move outside Wii U?

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