Here's What to Look Forward to on Wii U

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.02.2015 6


There are a fair few games on the way to Wii U this year, highlighted Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata today.

Speaking during the company's latest financial results briefing, Iwata reiterated the various different key titles coming to Nintendo's home console this year - including a new entry in The Legend of Zelda series, Xenoblade X, Mario Party 10, Splatoon, Mario Maker and Miyamoto's GamePad project, Project Giant Robot.

Iwata feels that many of these hotly anticipated titles "fully utilise the GamePad" and, as such, can "further expand the way parents and children have fun together."

Finally, he also teased that there are "more to announce" - including titles that make the most out of the GamePad controller.

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Which of these upcoming Wii U titles are you most excited about?

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The fact that they have to list a game that launched elsewhere in the world last year as a low key release on Wii U (i.e. big on other formats), shows how little is coming, to be honest. Oh, and the fact that DQX is already out on Wii U...I presume the logo is there because a new expansion pack is being released.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Awesome lineup!

Splatoon is still my #1. Also really can't wait for Star Fox!

I think they're mostly focusing on the first half of 2015 with this list. There's still supposed to be Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Project Guard, Devil's Third, Project Treasure, and any other totally-unknown games that crop up at E3 or TGS.

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Indeed, this is a pretty good 1st half, line up if that's the case but Id be surprised if Starfox or Zelda are in the first half of 2015. I'd say September and November respectfully!

Well, I meant mostly. Bigger titles that have been long-announced are also to be expected, and if they weren't on the list, people would worry. I just mean there's probably a lot of Q3/Q4 stuff that isn't announced yet, so it's not on this list.

NNID: crackedthesky
My blog, mostly about writing:

just give us metroid already!!!

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