Matsuda is Aware About Dragon Quest Demand in the West

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.02.2015 3

Matsuda is Aware About Dragon Quest Demand in the West on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In an interview with Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, he talked about expanding the Dragon Quest series in the West.

The series has had selection of games set sail from Japan to Western markets in the past, but fans are still eager for various games to eventually make it over. Matsuda notes how a number of these, in particular, weren't released in France, and how the team are aware of the demand.

Matsuda and the team have been working on some ideas to try and make the franchise more successful in the west, and he teased that there will be a "bright future" for the series with announcements to come.

What are you hoping to see for the future of the Dragon Quest series?

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Our member of the week

I don't care so much about DraQue X, since it's online and subscription based, but I do care about VII on 3DS, it's the only one I care about which is unreleased here. That and the first two to a lesser extent.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Finnaly finnaly finnaly, they are cosidering bringing the Dragon Warrior (dragon quest games to the west. Ive been wating for a lot of titles that came on nintendo consoles only in japan. I will be great to get a few or all of thoughs titles including Dragon Quest X and Dragon quest 7 on 3ds amon other titles and possible remakes......

Image for

DRAGON QUEST X and DRAGON QUEST VII stateside.  And DQXI for WiiU.

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