Industry News | Nintendo Europe Appoints Merrick Replacement

By Adam Riley 31.01.2006

Jim Merrick left Nintendo Europe, and eventually the entire company late last year, leaving a gap for the role of Head of Marketing across the major territory. However, Frenchman Laurent Fischer has today been named as the official replacement.

Fischer will take on the position of 'Senior Marketing Director', leaving his similar post at Nintendo France. Achim Schmauss has also been brought in as European Brand Manager, according to trade magazine MCV.

Following Fischer's success launching the Game Boy Colour, Advance and SP, he appears to be perfect for overseeing and co-ordinating all the current, and future, Nintendo platforms in this PAL region. The man himself had this to say:

"Nintendo is moving into a very exciting and innovative time as we expand the definition of gaming and broaden the population of video games players. I am looking forward to the new challenge of working for Nintendo at a European level in this particularly significant period."

As for Schmauss, he will be looking after the launch of Zelda: Twlight Princess on Nintendo GameCube, as well as the codenamed Revolution, which is re-iterated for a worldwide 2006 release.

Keep it locked to C3 during these exhilarating times...

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