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By Jorge Ba-oh 30.10.2006 14

The official Necro-Nesia website has been updated with a new trailer and various other tidbits from the upcoming survival horror adventure for the Wii.

Necro-Nesia takes places on a strange island flooded with insects and shrouded with mystery with players taking the lead role of a man known as Ray. The island is covered in darkness and to survive players must use the Wii remote and nun-chuck to navigate their way around, using their tools to attack, defend and survive.

The official site can be seen, here.

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looks like it could be quite good Smilie

I think the saturation/colours of the insects should be turned down a bit mind. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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This game should have been release for the Gamecube. I am not impressed with this game. Poor production quality (graphics and sound isn't on the Wii level) and all around.

( Edited on 30.10.2006 15:35 by jadnice )

Looks like an original title for a Nintendo console but nothing id look at twice

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Looks like a complete rip off of Resident Evil 4 but I actually think i'll like this better. I'm still intrested in this game but after watching that video of been put off a bit more. I hate Resident Evil Games!

Marzy said:
I hate Resident Evil Games!

You're not alone...Smilie

*g* RE4 is the only game I'm capable of controlling my character. It was not a must on Cube for me, but I bought it cheap because it was second hand.
I never played it that long, but it has good graphics and fantastic I was constantly a bit freaked, because of the great ambience (can ou say it that way?).

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Laurelin said:
can you say it that way?).

Ja Smilie

I didn't really like RE4's environmental textures though. So of them looked worse than the Twilight Princess' textures...On Wii SmilieSmilie

jadnice said:
This game should have been release for the Gamecube. I am not impressed with this game. Poor production quality (graphics and sound isnt on the Wii level) and all around.( Edited on 30.10.2006 15:35 by jadnice )

But what about the control scheme???

Three characters shown for Necro-nesia
Ray, Michel And Mike
And Ray and Mike both fancy Michel...

The uber interesting story line. Directly from the website:

"One day Ray decided to help out Michel with her research thinking he could try and capture her heart.(not literally) They both set off to Belseharb(?) Island.

Yes..Michel studied insectsSmilieSmilieSmilie

Mike joined them and the 3 of them set off....
They get on the boat and arrive at the island. But because of a certain happening, Michel and Mike leave the camp. Ray, left on his own sets off to get back his beloved Michel.

But what was waiting for him was an island inhibited with huge insects..."

*Dies of fright*

( Edited on 30.10.2006 20:41 by ZeroSimon )

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

^Someone can read Japanese...Smilie


How stupid does this look...

Man they really like showing that same bit of footage with him balancing on that bloody log don't they!? O.o

I guess it doesn't look too bad... But it looks like the kind of poorly produced game that you'd buy if there was a big drought of games... Which there really isn't

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

VelocityStrike said:
^Someone can read Japanese...SmilieSmilie

I can!!!

And that is really whats written on the site!

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

I was looking forward to this, but it looks as it is to mediocre. uninteresting things happening in the trailer, only insects to slay (*yawn*) and the graphics are not that good either.

But I hope we get more informations later on and I will check pre- and reviews about it.


I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Ah yes the wooden stick, the insect worlds natural enemy.

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