Camelot Bring Online Golf to US/Europe

By Jorge Ba-oh 09.03.2008 5

Fans of golf will be happy to know the release of We Love Golf in the west will have new content, including online gameplay!

The mode was confirmed in a recent edition of Nintendo Power.

NP: Is there any other new content for the North American version of the game?

Camelot: We are right in the middle of developing and debug testing for North American and European versions of We Love Golf! The major content newly added is the online gameplay, in addition to support for multiple languages in North America and Europe. Also, in addition to the new charactes, we tweaked the graphics a little in order to appeal to international players. Furthermore, we're rethinking the swing speed as well.

NP: Among the modes, we think that the new online mode is the most fun! Now you can play with a friend in you neighborhood as well as anyone in the world. When you beat another player, their character's face is added to your play sheet, so players will want to collect as many as possible.

Certainly good news for fans of online sports!

Thanks to C3 reader Pheonixus for the tip.

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This bit of news definitely re-peaked my interest in this game. Might actually consider buying it now.Smilie

Phoenixus said:
This bit of news definitely re-peaked my interest in this game. Might actually consider buying it now.Smilie

ditto. ya another game to add to my online collection (which includes mario strikers, medal of honour.....and thats it lol)

cool, this game has moved up on my list, but not that much.

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Eh...I'd rather them make a new golden sun

Friend codes!!!!!!

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