The Legend of Zelda (E3 Thoughts) (GameCube) Preview

By Adam Riley 12.05.2004 2

So E3 has already thrown at us the surprise of two new Zelda games. Well, that was not really too much of a surprise since we knew one was coming, whilst the other was rumoured strongly and had been from the time when the GBA launched (the lovely-looking Zelda: 'The Minish Cap', developed by Capcom/Flagship). However, the real shock came from how we never ever imagined that Nintendo would do a complete 180

Watching the video clip of what is currently only title 'The Legend of Zelda', your breath is taken away

What if this 'Legend of Zelda' is a full-scale remake of the original NES title? Taking the idea of Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and, more recently and impressively, Metroid: Zero Mission? Could there in fact be two new Zelda games coming to the GameCube after the release of the superb Four Swords Adventure? It sure is an option. What better to fill the GC's waning schedule than with arguably Nintendo's strongest home console franchise?

Rumours were flying round way back when Wind Waker was unveiled about how the cel-shaded graphics were just some sort of prank and that Nintendo would show the proper 3D version soon after. Then the same talk arose once more when the 3D model of Link from the initial GameCube demos appeared in Soul Calibur 2. So many people have believed in their hearts that Nintendo was secretly working on a realistic Zelda all along. Yet it could well be a full-blown reworking of a classic 80's game.

Yes, we could be getting Wind Waker 2 and The Legend of Zelda. Or I could be way off the mark, thus you can all mock me later. Then there is the matter of The Minish Cap on the GBA, by the folk behind Four Swords and the two GBC Oracle games, as well as Aonuma-san's revelation about a version of Zelda for the Nintendo DS. We shall see what happens very soon...

Final Thoughts

With no new information arising from Nintendo, other than a few fresh screenshots that were probably from the hidden E3 rolling demo, and a vague hint at a release date on a recent list, all we can do is wait. But this is assured a place in the GC Hall of Fame, a surefire guarantee...






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