Super Mario Strikers (GameCube) Preview

By James Temperton 16.06.2005 14

Out of all the new Mario titles on show at the Post E3 Tour, this was certainly the best. Taking all the elements that make Camelot's Mario Power Tennis so great and throwing in some more aspects for good measure, we are confident this title can go on to be one of the GameCube's best sports titles!

Fans of football (or soccer, whatever floats your proverbial) will perhaps not be impressed with this somewhat bastardised interpretation of the game. No throw ins, no corners, no free kicks, this is just non-stop, ultra violent football action, and we love it! The basic premise of the game remains unchanged; you have to score more goals than your opponent. A goal is scored by kicking the ball into your opponents goal, but on this note, football becomes something of a peripheral aspect in Super Mario Strikers. We played a two-player match between Mario and Donkey Kong's respective teams, each one containing the captain (the plumber and the monkey) and a number of Nintendo-themed minions. By hitting the Y-button you can perform a running charge on your opponents, knocking them off the ball in a flying array of sparks and fireworks, which is fantastic game.

But whilst seasoned professionals can enjoy the games hidden subtleties and complexities, more casual players can get enjoy it for its simplicity. Anyone can pick up a pad and play this title; you just have to work out the buttons as you go along. Before long you'll be running about the pitch like a madman (or mushroom), scoring goals, performing miracle saves and having a right laugh. Unlike Mario Baseball, this game displays oodles of that much-vaunted 'Nintendo magic'. Some people have complained that Nintendo are whoring out Mario to sell games, but if all the games he is whored to are this good, who are we to complain?

The controls are tight and intuitive meaning that what you want to do on the pitch always happens. There are a number of options to allow you to score the best goals, from special power shots to overhead kicks or simple passing football, the choice is yours. In charging up a special shot, the action slows down and focuses on the play in control of the ball in a Matrix-esque bullet-style moment, before speeding up again for the pile-driver of a hit towards the top corner. Games are short, fast and furious, there is little point in trying to make intricate passing moves, as you'll simply getting hammered off the ball and lose 8-0, the aim of the game here is to play faster, more furiously and with more flair than your opponent. Baiting, insults and 'waaayheee'-ing are all called for when playing Super Mario Strikers.

Graphically this game looks awesome, and the sound is pretty nice too. All the characters are nice and detailed, and the effects put into the game are similar to those that impressed us so much in Mario Power Tennis. Sparks fly in all manner of different colours as tackles and shots create a veritable fireworks display. Sounds wise, expect all the usual character catch phrases coupled with some classic Nintendo music and SFX that will bring a smile to the face of even the most hardened gamer.

With loads of different game modes packed in to make this a more comprehensive and extensive title, we are confident that this title will prove to be much more than just a party title. One problem with games of this ilk is that when your mates have gone home and your left with the hangover to end all hangovers, they lose their spark and fun factor in an instant. But with extensive work being done on opponent AI and extra game modes and minigames, we can only think positive things about one of the best GameCube games on show at the Post E3 Tour 2005.

Final Thoughts

Classic Nintendo gaming. Taking inspiration from the recent gameplay elements of Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube and putting them into the far more appropriate and hectic arena of football, Super Mario Strikers is a gem of a title. It looks great, delivers some great gaming moments and is sure to go on to be one of the must-have titles for gaming socialites, football fans and people who just like a bit of fun in their games.

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"All the boring rules of regulations of the proper game have been stripped away" - Boooooooooo, sounds like it'll get dull real quick then.

Football is too great for this sort of pap, but then this site gave Fifa Street a good review ffs... At least this should be better than that shite.

But I didn't give FIFA Street a good review. In fact, neither did Adam, he scored it 6.9, which is above average but hardly amazing...

Seriously, this game was getting more attention that most at the show, it has a certain Donkey Konga feeling about it. I am confident it wont get boring quickly, Nintendo assured me they were going to beef up the game with lots of extra modes to enjoy. I'm confident it'll be great.

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

"it doesn't make

"Football is too great for this sort of pap"

Meh..footballl isn't that great. Theres been too many normal football games on the market anyway. I hate foot ball and it has got me interested but probably do same as fenno and wait until i find it cheap.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

When I click the link, it says "No Review Selected.", and it reloads to the reviews page. Anyone else get that or is it just me?

Guest 16.06.2005#6

Yep bluewizard64, I get the same message.

And Fenno, I have heard of Bobby Robson.

Im gonna need convincing on this one... but im up for finding out!!

See no Wiivil
Hear no Wiivil
Speak no Wiivil

Wanted a fun soccer game like Sega Soccer Slam, looks like this could b the game i been looking for.

Should be fixed now, sorry for the linking error.

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

I'm interested...

When compared to 3 in cvg and 3.7 in psm2 and other scathing reviews, 6.9 is a good review. It is not above average it is below average. Red Card soccer is much better deserving around 7...

Still I await this with anticipation because a fun football game is always welcome. The footage I've seen looks awful but you say it plays well so heres hoping you're correct.

Nintendo takes a common theme you can find in real life, then surgically takes it apart and injects its own idea. In doing so, the purpose of the game changes. To exaggerate it, it becomes a different genre.

Mario Kart is a good example. Where other racing games' fun lies in the realism of the physical world and psychology of customizing your vehicle, Mario Kart's fun has nothing to do with that. It's basically a 'racing game' only by name. It's closer to a platform action genre, it just happens to take place on a racing course on a kart.

So with Nintendo products, it's hard to do a 1-on-1 comparison with the other products which ultimately attempt to mimic the real world event. 1-on-1 comparison seems misleading/misguided to me.

I certainly agree with Flaight, very good comments.

Just like Mario Kart, Strikers takes the genre a bit outta context and has a lot of Mario flavour, some of which is weirder than past twists. Looking good, hopefully will be one of the more playable titles this year. Good hands-on James :Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I'll probably buy looks kool imo :-D
I was gonna buy sega soccer slam, but i might just wait for this :p

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