Zelda PH vs ST!

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User Poll - Zelda PH vs ST!

Phantom Hourglass!
Spirit Tracks!
I can't choose!
I haven't played them both!

Which game did you like more? And more specifically: why??

I haven't beat Spirit Tracks yet, but so far I'm liking it more than Phantom Hourglass. Here's a list (from the top of my head) of things that the games do wrong/right:

Phantom Hourlgass
- Upgrading your ship
- The last hours of the game (the boss etc.)
- Linebeck!
- Nice sense of adventure.

- The central dungeon. Don't make me replay the whole thing time and time and time and time again!! AAARGH, game-breaker.
- No cute girl around.
- Boring soundtrack.

Spirit Tracks
- You get to hang out with Zelda all the time!
- Some of the items (whoppa!)
- Good soundtrack.
- Giving people rides for sidequests.

- Hardly any exploration to be had
- The songs you play on your flute are forgettable
- Upgrading your train starts halfway the game and is annoying
- Trains aren't everybody's thing.

Do you have anything to add?

( Edited 26.11.2011 17:54 by Canyarion )

For me, Spirit Tracks, but probably more so because of the story. Things started getting better towards the end of the game, but I hated the wind pipes and boring train journeys. Zelda as a companion was great though.

How are the songs forgettable in Spirit Tracks? Phantom Hourglass had the worst zelda music ever, I can't remember one piece of music from it because it was all so dull. Even the overworld theme was just a fake sounding Wind Waker overworld theme, which was far worse.

Anyway, Spirit tracks is better in every way. They improved the central dungeon so much, it had better music, it had way better and more interesting characters and also better cutscenes. Plus riding a train was more enjoyable than the boat, I didn't care for the exploration and the overworld theme is actually memorable and decent, making it a joy to ride around in the train.

The only good thing to come out of Phantom Hourglass is Linebeck.

Neither game was good enough to bear the name "Zelda", sry.

Both were pretty good games in their own right, but I had to practically force myself to finish PH which was extremely slow paced, uninspired puzzles, music, dungeons, items, characters, everything.

ST was the more enjoyable of the two simply because everything but overworld exploration was much better.

My biggest fear is that the original 3DS Zelda title turns out as lazy as these.

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Have the guys that chose "I can't choose" picked that because they think they're equally as good, or equally as crap?

I agree with Superlink that both of them are poor Zelda games, but Spirit Tracks was definitely better than Phantom Hourglass.

Phantom Hourglass had the worst zelda music ever, I can't remember one piece of music from it because it was all so dull.

Linebeck's theme?

I should really get Spirit Tracks at some point. Personally I really liked Phantom Hourglass. The first time I played it the repeating dungeon didn't bother me at all, but that's probably because I played through it really slowly (like over 3 months of something). The second time through it did grate a bit.

I still haven't beaten Spirit Tracks. I despise it. I disagree on the music, I think its quite good. But the train was a horrible decision.

I like Phantom Hourglass quite a bit. Far more fun, and had a certain feel of adventure to it.

I much prefer Spirit Tracks. The overworld music is really good and makes the train journeys much more bearable. Even then I quite like the train journeys. Actually got scared when the evil train things popped up. Smilie

Phanton Hourglass was okay, but it kinda felt like a shallow Wind Waker with all the charm sucked out of it. Smilie

Ifrit XXII said:
Phanton Hourglass was okay, but it kinda felt like a shallow Wind Waker with all the charm sucked out of it. Smilie

Ironically "shallow" considering there was a massive deep sea with hardly anything of note on it.
(i'm hilarious)

( Edited 26.11.2011 17:21 by SuperLink )

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Oh, I was afraid the "forgettable songs" thing would be misunderstood. I meant the songs you play with your flute...

The main theme and some other songs are awesome. I was quite excited to hear the 25th Ann. CD open with ST's main theme!

I'll edit your +/- to the list. Oh I remembered something awesome about ST: giving people rides! Smilie

It's funny that this thread has come up, i am trying to push completion of Spirit tracks and LOZ:FSA (GC) before i start Skyward sword.

My problem is that i have not played PH, while i enjoy ST i don't think i would actually get PH. I am just way to behind on games atm and i don't think it really constitutes as a must have. ST is a fantastic DS game though. It's not the best Zelda ever, but it is a throughly enjoyable game for a portable. I still think MC takes the handheld crown though!

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