March 2012 Music Thread

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No matter how hard I try, I just can't resist this place and I'm back from my break within 24 hours. I've brushed myself off and calmed down. Again, I'm sorry for my behaviour yesterday and in recent times. Life is stressful for me and I guess it's coming through in my Cubed3 posts.

Putting that aside, it's been a while since the last music thread, so I've created a new one so you can share all the new artists you've discovered. Since last time, I've been listening to three new artists, mainly. The first is Four Tet with the album, Pause. It's a really relaxing album to listen too and it's great for when I work on my artwork.

Little Dragon are also great. I first heard of them through Gorillaz, on the track Empire Ants. Their own stuff is great though. I've been listening to their albums, Machine Dreams and Ritual Union. The track below is from the latter.

Lastly, I've been listening to Stornoway quite a bit. They're just really pleasant to listen too really. There's not much else I can say.

Stornoway - Fuel Up

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Lol, he should've stuck with the first girl, she was hotter.

http://dumbfoundead.com/ I'm really digging his newest EP.

Image for


Currently in love with this song:

Find Robin Grey and his stuffs here.

And also see this video of him performing Till Dawn

The Frostwire Creative Commons Mixtape has some pretty cool stuff on it too, in particular:



Been listening to a little bit of Joy Division and Jon Legend LOL

Also playing a gig in 12 days so very excited Smilie

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Getting into more ambient like music.



She's a really great singer who is at the same time super unconventional (something I enjoy a lot).


I AM ADDICTED. I haven't been able to stop listening to this since I completed TLS. I must listen to it a few times a day. Smilie

( Edited 22.03.2012 01:50 by Mush123 )

@Mush: Haha, I knew that song would get you addicted to it eventually, just like it did for me. Smilie

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