News: Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up - 5 Feb 20

By Neil Flynn 05.02.2020

News: Nintendo Weekly Wrap Up - 5 Feb 20 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
We crawl into February still not having seen a Nintendo Direct, nonetheless dribs and drabs of game information for various titles have dripped out over the past week or so. Please take a look at some of the latest information brought to you from our friends over at Nintendo NewsGameXplain, Nintendo Life and Source Gaming.

Wonderful 101 Confirmed For Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Life

Nonbelivers would have doubted the existence of the exceptional masterpiece, The Wonderful 101making its way from the ill-fated Wii U to the Nintendo Switch. Luckily this week Platinum Games have delivered some very promising news. Check out Nintendo Life for the full story.


Does Nintendo Still Own The Wonderful 101 - GameXplain

Evidently, releasing The Wonderful 101 via a kickstarter has raised some eyebrows about Nintendo's ownership of the IP...Did they even own it in the first place? Luckily the guys at GameXplain have it all covered.


The Nintendo Switch hits a new sales milestone both for hardware and software - GameXplain

Incredibly, the Nintendo Switch has hit a new sales milestone by selling an enormous amount of units over the Christmas period. Not surprisingly, software numbers are also up. Jon Cartwright from GameXplain takes us through those all important sales figures.


Mobile Hit Fire Emblem Heroes Introduces A New Subscription-Based Service - Nintendo Life

Lovely news for Fire Emblem Heroes fans, as there now appears to be a new Mario Kart Tour style subscription plan on its way. Nintendo Life has covered what exactly will be included in the subscription.
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You Can Only Have One Island Per Console In Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Life

Family friendly game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the choice to only limit Nintendo Switch users to only having one island per console. Nintendo Life explains the ramifications of only allowing one island
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 7.0.0 Is Now Live, Here Are The Full Patch Notes - Nintendo Life

Last week Nintendo updated Super Smash Bros Ultimate to version 7.0.0 after adding in the final character, Byleth, from the first fighters pass. Amongst this came a number of small updates to other characters. Nintendo Life has the whole set of patch notes to ensure that everyone knows what has changed in the latest version.
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Fighters Pass 2 Predictions - Source Gaming

Years are going to pass with so many Smash fans wondering what character will be selected next. However with a solid 6 characters confirmed to be added a whole new wave of speculation has yet got underway. That is why our friends at Source Gaming have got to work trying to predict the next fighters pass


Miyamoto Says The Virtual Console Helped Convince Him To Make The New Mario Movie - Nintendo Life

Nintendo veteran and legend, Miyamoto-san, has recently gone on record to say why he wanted to diversify the product offering away from video games and make a Mario movie. Nintendo Life helps tell the story of what made Shigeru Miyamoto so devoted to making movies.
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Another week has been wrapped up, but as news breaks regularly then be sure to check out Nintendo News, who provides up-to-date regular news stories on all things Ninty. Be sure to check Cubed3 next week for another weekly wrap up

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