TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (GameCube) Preview

By Nick Cheesman 30.03.2005 15

TimeSplitters 2 was a treat for all console owners, but for the Nintendo crowd, to relive some N64 GoldenEye goodness on the GameCube was a luxury that no one could turn their nose to. And now Cortez, the Vin Diesel look alike with eyes that give Riddick a run for his money in the scary pupils department, is back to save the future, except this time he has brought with him a plot of some sort and of course monkeys. Gun toting monkeys.

One of TimeSplitters 2 only real complaints was that the single player was not extraordinary compared to other first person shooters on the market, however the multiplayer was the true highlight; complete with a large amount of bots and a create-a-level option. In Future Perfect more emphasis has been placed on the story of the single player, and following on from Cortez's quest to collect the time crystals in TimeSplitters 2, our hero must now be sent into the past once more to stop the latest war between humans and aliens ever happening. The time period that has been on show for a while now is the French World War 2 scenario, but we now know the action picks up in a futuristic alien environment and goes all the way back to the 1900s.

All the challenges and arcade options that made TimeSplitters 2 great have returned with 100 different characters and bots, that you can shoot to pieces in all the different matches, that lead to the winning of trophies. The challenges are still as unique as is to be expected; cat robot racing, window breaking with bricks, everything you expect from a TimeSplitters game. The multiplayer has been fitted with more match options and modes, such as thief and vampire, and team games like assault and capture the bag.

There are several new weapons that are on offer, including guns that shoot through walls, shotguns, sniper rifles, baseball bats, tranquilizer guns, time disruptor grenades and mini guns that can all be used to explode barrels and break windows. The various computers scattered about can also be hacked into (ala Second Sight) or used to take control of gun turrets and turn them against the enemy. For the sadistic gamer, some computers even let you "experiment" on laboratory subjects that will prove novel till you kill said subject.

Another nod back to Second Sight, is Cortez's psychic device found on his glove that lets him pick up objects and throw them at anyone in his path. A new addition however is Cortez's ability to take control of vehicles, and these vary from on-rail sections to very simple driving sections.

Final Thoughts

Few, if any, can actually stand up honestly and say they did not like TimeSplitters 2, and with all the new additions that Future Perfect comes complete with, such as an actual story, various winks at movies and other games, driving sections, and even more multiplayer and challenge options, it seems Free Radical will make us enjoy shooting monkeys once more


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I've got this coming for probably Tuesday...and I can't wait. This preview has just pushed the anticipation levels through the roof.

Hmmmm, the multiplayer, sounds great, i heard the single player isnt as good as it could be....

Meh they said that for TS2 and i thought it wasnt at all bad just dont be expecting halo : P

[ Edited by Blade2t3DS On 2005/3/26 22:09 ]

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

Erm, didn't this game come out last Friday?

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

It came out yesterday i think

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

Yeah, but thanks to the easter holidays some have been left waiting until tuesday/wednesday for it (me being one of them)

I WAAAAAANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that was a USA release? Ace preview Nick, got me muchos interested in this one :-D

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

Need this game... NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Sounds like it polishes off what TS2 had already started. Not much they could improve really, so I don't think it'll be worth the cash.

Can't wait to see the game...

"Erm, didn't this game come out last Friday?"

Sshhh, no one must know that I feel behind...

It does sound very awesome, but the two player mode is meant to be lacking. Still...monkeys...

i bet this game is "EAed" up to the extreme, i saw the tv ad the other day, it was excruciating...

Must Have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those adverts are utter crap, EA dropped the ball on that one in my mind.

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