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By André Eriksson 09.03.2015

Review for Megabyte Punch on PC

Megabyte Punch is the lovechild of Super Smash Bros. and Mega Man, offering gameplay that can be best described as the fighting system of the former, slotted into the latter. The stage design has quite a bit in common with the Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl to make the sources of inspiration all the clearer. However, while it might, at first glance, just appear as a mix of these bestsellers, the question is, does it hide more under its cover. Cubed3 has the answer…

The main selling point of Megabyte Punch is its highly detailed customisation system, which allows shifting pieces to the heart's content. There are a lot of different pieces and colours to choose from to make the robot personalised. While this is true, it is also a big let down since several pieces are identical stats-wise - something that gives an underwhelming impression. However, there is still enough variety to make the choices matter.

Besides the customisation system and Smash-esque fighting system, Megabyte Punch also offers very impressive level and enemy designs. The stages are long and there is a mix between linear stages and maze-like levels that could have been taken straight out of one of the earlier Sonic the Hedgehog titles, and throughout the game there are several references to old school games that will tickle the nostalgia senses of anyone who gamed during the '80s and '90s. For example, an extra life is gained each time 64 bits are collected - a wonderful homage to the 64bit systems that roamed the market in the middle of the 1990s.

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While there is a lot going on within Megabyte Punch, it is not without its flaws. All enemies within, for instance, are extremely generic, and even most of the bosses do not look unique compared to ordinary enemies - something that creates a lacklustre feel. Also, there are so many cheap ways to build in Megabyte Punch that it is not even funny. Some weapon combos can create eternal chains that not even most bosses can do anything about, which leads to several easy wins, which is an aspect that should have gotten more attention as that is what most people will buy this game for, to experience the Smash-like gameplay with at least a modicum of challenge included.

The platform parts are very well balanced, though. While many of the obstacles can be circumvented by adding a lot of jumping to the character, it does not work quite as effectively in the later stages that put heavier emphasis on delicate movements. All-in-all, Megabyte Punch offers a pleasing and enjoyable Smash Bros.-style experience, with good level design and complex customisation. However, it does not beat its sources of inspiration in any area.

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Megabyte Punch is fundamentally an enjoyable mix between the Super Smash Bros. and Mega Man series. However, while its concept is great and its gameplay does not leave too much to complain about, it does pretty quickly turn into a sterile experience due to the fact that there is little-to-no enemies to find after the first couple of worlds, mixed with bosses that look too similar to the ordinary bad guys. If there is a need for a Super Smash Bros. fix once tired of the newest entry, or for a nostalgia trip, Megabyte Punch might actually be worth a go. It is a solid concept and a game that will hopefully get a sequel that fixes its issues because this can turn into something quite decent if done better.


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