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By Luna Eriksson 26.03.2015

Review for Keebles on PC

Most are familiar with the concept of LEGO, Meccano, or other building kits. Keebles on takes the best of these and adds a beautifully well-made physics travelling aspect to it. Here, the player will both have to build vehicles that can travel across the weirdly shaped stages and then have to navigate them in their travel towards the big pink whale.

LEGO is one of the most sold toys in the world. With its ageless appeal of creative encouragement and easy to use design, it is a tool that has satisfied children and encouraged their creative development over a long time. Keebles takes a similar approach to LEGO and many other great toys throughout the ages. The goal is to build a steady, yet fast, vehicle and travel through the stages and save the Keebles from the deceased lands and carry them towards the pink whale that will take them to safety.

The beautiful mix between the building aspect and the navigating parts collaborate in a delicate and well designed manner that will encourage and challenge to full completion. The mixing of creativity when building the vehicle, and the sometimes second-reliant reaction times needed to achieve the challenges given, will keep players entertained and challenged for hours.

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The stages are not easy, though, and will require very careful design and co-ordination of the vehicle to be able to collect all the Keebles and finish the stages in the not so generous time limit to receive five stars. Luckily, however, this is not required to advance throughout the game. In some stages surviving until the finish line will prove to be enough of a challenge for many players and, when done, there is always more refining to do to get those final stars on each stage.

Sadly, a lot of the difficulty is based on simple trial and error design, at least initially, so it will take a lot of trying to figure out how everything works together in the very well developed physics engine found within. However, if not patient, it might be hard to resist the temptation to shy off the challenges put forward by the game. However, the fun on the creative side will make gamers come back for more once cooled off.

Keebles shows that sometimes a great game doesn't have to offer great graphics or be overly complex to be successful. Just having a high appeal and fun factor is sufficient, and Keebles is an extremely fun game in its simplicity and will find room in the hearts of both children and adults, alike, with its ageless design of the focus being on creativity in its gameplay and design. If looking for an enjoyable and long-lived experience, this is a game to look out for. While not necessary long, the challenge to get five stars on each stage and beating the time limit offer content that might last for a long time.

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Keebles offers a smart experience that challenges the creativity and logical thinking of its players in a playful way. To score five stars on some of the later levels is going to require plenty of thinking and a lot of trial and error to succeed. Sadly, though, trial and error is a big aspect of the challenge at first and might risk turning some players off too quickly. For fans of the genre that are patient, though, Keebles will offer a great experience with its gameplay that focuses both on creativity and reflexes that will challenge and capture the attention of children and adults, alike.


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