Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED (PC) Review

By Gabriel Jones 17.02.2018

Review for Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED on PC

After keeping fans considerably appeased with regular updates for its base game, Arcen Games has now released a meaty chunk of download content to boost its Starward Rogue PC shooter, in the form of Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED. Want to know just how fantastically addictive the core experience is, then be sure to read Cubed3's in-depth review of that right here. Appetite whetted? Get ready for something very special indeed.

The excellent post-launch support that Arcen Games has provided so far continues now, with an add-on by the name of AuGMENTED. Yes, the capitalisation is a little odd, but fans of the game should pick this DLC up as soon as they can. First off, there are three new mechs available. The Paladin is a melee-heavy battler, although it must also offer a small tithe whenever a floor is completed. The Zephyr enjoys a significant boost in stats, and gradually becomes weaker with every minute spent on the same floor. Move fast and hit hard! The Warhog is an armoured beast, but a little slow.

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Not content with an expanded line-up, though, with this DLC, Arcen goes further by including a wealth of new obstacles to contend with. A heaped helping of fresh enemies and bosses now stalk the halls. Some of them have even been augmented with increased firepower or other unique abilities. New room layouts and traps have also been included, which helps to keep floors from becoming repetitive. Anyone willing to brave the dangers can expect to find new and more powerful gear. Even players who have familiarised themselves with the Megalith will appreciate all of the additions.

Finally, there's the Gold Floor. As shiny and valuable as the name suggests, Gold Floors house all sorts of secrets. If the lead character, Hydral, can survive the confounding challenge rooms, then he can score some very nice upgrades. The added spice does make runs a little tougher, but never to the point where it ruins the balance. All of the DLC extras are seamlessly weaved into the main game, so nothing ever feels jarring or out of place.

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Newbies and veterans to Starward Rogue alike are most certainly going to enjoy this brand new update, AuGMENTED. While the added content may well lead to many a sleepless night, which probably isn't a good thing, the enjoyability factor of Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED, random capitalisation and all, is well worth the sacrifice.


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