MetaGal (PlayStation 4) Review

By William Lowery 26.08.2019

Review for MetaGal on PlayStation 4

Last year, everyone's favourite blue cyborg, Mega Man, made his triumphant return with the stellar Mega Man 11, but prior to the game's release, it seemed uncertain whether or not he would come back. 2016 saw the release of Mighty No.9, the touted spiritual successor which was helmed by one of the series' original creators, Keiji Inafune. To say Mighty No.9 was disappointing is an understatement. But where does MetaGal fit into the picture? Like Mighty No.9, it aims to be an homage to the classic games, but the end result is less homage and more imitation.

When the villainous General Creeper kidnaps a well renowned doctor, and takes control of his cybernetic creations, only the heroic MetaGal can save the day. This follows the classic Mega Man structure of eight levels, each of whom features an end-level boss, which, when defeated, rewards her with a new weapon to use. The first four stages can be played in any order the player desires, with the subsequent four being a multi-level assault on General Creeper's base.

MetaGal can run, jump, and shoot, much like her male counterpart. She also has a quick dash she can perform, necessary for some of the tricky platforming one will encounter. Initially, she has a blaster, complete with a charge shot, but she can acquire new weapons by defeating bosses. These include heat-seeking lasers, mines, and a special bomb that doubles as a teleporter. Ammunition regenerates fairly quickly, although there are collectibles that automatically restore it.

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Stages take place across a multitude of locations, many of which have their own environmental hazards and motifs to take note of. For example, Warp's stage features platforms that invert gravity for a limited period of time. Expect to encounter plenty of instant kill death spikes as well. Platforming can be pretty challenging, and should you die, you can use a gear to continue from where you left off, or restart from the last checkpoint. Gears also double as health items, so be mindful of how many gears are currently in the inventory.

MetaGal's biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. The game is a direct copy of Mega Man, so although it can be fun, it also doesn't have an original bone in its body. Much of what one sees in here has been done better in the series it's trying to imitate. Take the bosses, for example. Mega Man encourages gamers to go out of order and figure out which stages to beat, since certain robot masters are more susceptible to a particular weapon. This lacks this, meaning every boss can be defeated using just the blaster and at the very least, the heat-seeking lasers.

Only during the final stages does this come up with ways for the players to use the powers they haven't touched until now. As derivative as it can be, the game's 16-bit graphics are pleasing to the eye, even if the music is forgettable. Also, trophy hunters might appreciate this title's generosity when it comes to rewarding trophies, since it's possible to get the platinum within the first 15 minutes of playing.

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MetaGal is the store-brand version of - any - Mega Man. It has all of the elements from said franchise, but none of the charm - competent, but unremarkable. The pieces are there for a good experience, but the potential is withheld, and the result is a title that's merely serviceable. With the much better-made, and entertaining Mega Man 11 out, there's no need to bother with this one. Like Mighty No.9, it attempts to be a spiritual successor to the classics, but past the retro aesthetics, there is a game that's simply run-of-the-mill.




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