YUKI (PC) Review

By Luke Hemming 25.11.2021

Review for YUKI on PC

The first trip into the world of Pixel Ripped was a blast, combining tight platforming with a really great sense of awe and nostalgia backing up the gameplay. VR became relevant again, and gave this reviewer a real reason to enjoy it as a medium, then came Pixel Ripped 1995, doing the impossible and surpassing its predecessor in nearly all respects. Can developers ARVORE go for the triple crown with its latest shooter YUKI? yup.

Focusing on the rouge-like genre that is so popular with the kids these days, the aim of the game is to get as far as possible through the levels on offer before being blown into oblivion. With an aim like that it's important to hit that fine line of pick up and play mixed with that 'one more go' feeling. Thankfully that isn't an issue here and what it presented is literally and figuratively, a blast. Popping your anime stereotype out of the box initially feels like a treat from the outset. ARVORE have excelled in the past with an immersive virtual environment and actually allowing you to hold the figure you will be playing as is so much more fun than just knowing what you are manipulating is meant to be a toy from looks alone.

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Full use of the VR system is encouraged, with a firm grip of your plastic protagonist needed to swoop and dive them around the screen. Get up off that sofa and prepare for a workout as although the initial complete control feels almost like cheating, the realisation that streams of attacks come so frequently means the ability to throw your character out of the way at a moments notice is born of necessity.
Dying will happen, a lot. But as they old saying goes, 'it's all about the journey, not the destination'. The further the progression, the more orbs are dropped by the enemies shot out of the sky. These can then be spent on some permanent upgrades split into two distinct categories. Charms will provide you with a base improvement to all stats, useful if convinced its skill holding you back as opposed to firepower whereas the other will give new powerups that can be picked up during play. These can range from magnetic orb retrieval to additional firepower. It's always nice to be given the choice and with the option, all playstyles can be catered for. Completion of a level will also provide new 'Bladewings', the awesome looking shoulder shooters that also come with their own perks. YUKI trades on cool and unlocking aesthetics to increase the awesome of an anime badass only help matters.

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Although the level design remains the same throughout, seeing those gorgeous Japanese inspired visuals is never a chore. YUKI is a real treat for the senses and the gorgeous designs burst into the eye socket. All enemies and attack patterns are procedurally generated, encouraging multiple playthroughs. As previously mentioned, with the rouge-like mechanic integral to the gameplay, dying will be a regular occurrence. This reviewer managed to reach the end boss in around 3-4 hours and was then promptly battered to within an inch of their shelf life. The hours need to be put in here to complete fully. An endless mode is also available for PC users with the PSVR crew getting a crack at it soon. They will certainly enjoy based on the quality of the title already.

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AVORE has knocked it out of the park again with YUKI Their titles have quickly become the only reason to break out the VR and its still astonishing that a team so small can produce such great titles. The only criticism would be a difficulty spike that can be off-putting however if prepared and willing to immerse yourself as much as a VR game would expect, a fantastic figure-based time will be found here.









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