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Share Pokémon X (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

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Inkdragon please add me... Tq

Hey evey body I need a surfing pikachu Lv 100 electricvire or Lv 100 Pokemon is the reward

( Edited 30.08.2014 19:41 by Xclaw44 )

Add me for friend safari please.
Friend code: 3153-4706-4941
PM me when added and i will get back as soon as possible.
Thank you

add me evan, 3497-1392-1795 im mark

Don't know my pokemon fc 1590-4917-4071

You are Steel type with Ferroseed and Metang. I won't know what your third one is until you're online.


Please add me for friend safari FC: 3368 - 3114 - 7771

Hi!! I´m looking for a lugia, Timid nature, marvelscale ability 6 IVs, please!!! have some shinnies in return

ComeauFC: 4382-3149-8806Add me pleaseI've no clue what my pokemon are or type is.I've added timmt6, mark138, cpeaks36, Preston, Mad Gali, Justin, liv2rok96, astrocat, and Inkdragon

I added mark138 and inkdragon

I added timmt6

Added some more people above
please add me too
3411 - 2797 - 9028


I added everyone on this page, please add me!

( Edited 05.09.2014 20:56 by kizmetsgirl )

My FC is 4141-4206-9419.  I don't know what my pokemon type are. I added astrocat, kizmetsgirl, Justin, Superkami, timmt6, cpeaks36 and Mark. I added kyubiSSJ and Kodi as well.

( Edited 06.09.2014 21:52 by dwm96a )

Add Me Pm Fc
Fc 1177-9025-8739

( Edited 06.09.2014 17:08 by kyubiSSJ )

My friend code is 4527-9643-7498 
my name is Kodi, don't hesitate to add me!

need alot of friend in safari add any one
added :kodi kyubiSS kizmetgirl dwm96a atrocat

FC 3668- 8927-7634

( Edited 08.09.2014 06:08 by setcap )

I added everyone on the last couple of pages. Add me - 4484-8602-4683.

Currently looking for a safari with pansage and ivysaur in them. I would prefer them both in one safari, if possible. Also looking for a normal safari with dunsparce and ditto in them. Prefer both of them in one safari as well. Also with both safaris I need to see all 3 slots. thanks.

I added mark138 Inkdragon cpeaks36 timmt6 Superkami astrocat kizmetsgirl dwm96a kyubiSSJ Kodi and setcap 
please add me 
FC 1521 3419 4707

hi guys add me for safari, added couple last pages
1607 3402 5740

( Edited 10.09.2014 01:01 by biokiros )

Hi anyone got a Pawniard in their safari? My FC 4527-8525-7542 (Steve)

Can anybody tell me what safari attribute I have

@Berryman, Poison with Kakuna and Gulpin. Haven't unlocked your third yet.

( Edited 11.09.2014 12:27 by neko128 )

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