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By David Lovato 02.10.2015

Review for The Legend of Legacy on Nintendo 3DS

While perhaps not as immediately recognisable as some RPG series like Final Fantasy or The Elder Scrolls, the SaGa series was influential in its own right, being among the first to feature an emphasis on open-world exploration and non-linear gameplay. It hasn't seen many releases as of late, but former staff members, working together as development team FuRyu, have put together a spiritual successor called The Legend of Legacy. Released for the 3DS in Japan earlier this year, the game is set to make its way to North America and Europe in the coming months, but what are players in for? Cubed3 got the chance to have a quick hands-on before the final release…

From the gate, what's most noticeable about The Legend of Legacy is its reliance on old tropes and archetypes. Seven playable characters appear, ripe for the choosing: a swordsman, an alchemist, a girl with no memories, a… frog prince, and so on. The latter aside, there isn't much out of the ordinary. A lost kingdom called Avalon has recently reappeared and adventurers flock to it for many reasons - some less pure than others - but one thing is certain: adventure awaits.

Depending on what starting character is chosen, two others will join the party early on, while the rest can be found later. A tutorial will run through the battle system, which will be familiar to turn-based RPG fans, but there are a few curveballs here. Healing and reviving, for instance, aren't bound to specific consumable items. Healing can be done infinite times, and a simple heal will revive a collapsed teammate, although their total health points will lower with each collapse. Finishing a battle also fully heals all team members, yet the SP required to perform special attacks carries over between battles and, unlike health, it's affected by consumables.

Screenshot for The Legend of Legacy on Nintendo 3DS

Sleeping in an inn to replenish all party members seems to be free, and battles aren't random. Enemies appear as shadowy figures on the map, and should they notice the party, they will give chase, where touching them initiates a battle. The overworld map itself is reminiscent of that of Bravely Default, being 2D, painted-looking sceneries. The player character's field of view is shrouded by fog at its outer edges, and when the scenery comes into view, it pops out of the ground like a pop-up book, which is a very unique and fun graphical style. Moving around the map fills in a mini-map by percentage points, similar to Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, and once maps are completed, they can be sold to a vendor in town. The overworld music is lovely, but it doesn't seem to change much outside of battles.

Each map is given an element, most of which is simply Shadow early on. Players will eventually be able to interact with shrines that change the field's element and give them advantages in battle. Avalon is full of mysteries, although the early stages of the game are likely to be spent level grinding in the same two or three maps in order to beat the mini-bosses found within them. If The Legend of Legacy opens up, it doesn't seem to do it in its first few hours of play. Oddly missing are certain options like changing text speed, and the game's narrator sounds somewhat uninspired, but the experience is a solid one, if not a little too reminiscent of Bravely Default's visuals.

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Final Thoughts

The Legend of Legacy pulls just enough genre tropes together to fit in, but brings enough unique ideas to the table to make it immediately worth keeping an eye on. The pop-up book graphical style is delightful and looks great in 3D, and the battle system removes some hassles often found in turn-based RPGs while keeping a sense of urgency and a need to pay attention to what's going on in order to win. Strategy is crucial, battles can be tough, and level-grinding seems necessary, at least early on, but to a slight enough degree that it doesn't overstay its welcome. Expect the full review here on Cubed3 very soon.






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