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Rudy Lavaux
studying programming and network technologies
Belgium, land of the chips (which are definitely NOT French)

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Rudy Lavaux - Review and Feature Writer

Having some previous experience writing absurdly long reviews for some French website, Rudy gladly joined the ranks of C3 to share his love for video games... which equals his love for writing about them. Despite first experiencing video games on a SEGA arcade machine, and developing his skills at home on his parents' Commodore 64 and Atari 2600, he fell in love with Nintendo after trying Metroid for the NES back in the day. He's always bought Nintendo's consoles first since the days of the Game Boy and Super Nintendo, only occasionally buying another brand to taste the great exclusives that the competition offered (rumour has it that he first cheated on Nintendo with a PC-Engine in his early gaming days). He's such a manic collector that he can't beat his games as fast as he buys them. He can't stand missing a single game in his favourite series. He's also a bit of a MacGyver, always coming up with the most improbable ways to fix up his broken stuff... and managing to do so. As a Belgian, he also enjoys good beer, chocolate, mussels, chips and making fun of politics. Oh, and reporting C3 bugs to Jorge!

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It's a secret to everybody

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-Xenoblade Chronicles -Super Mario RPG -Final Fantasy VI

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-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -Lord of the Rings Trilogy -The Big Lebowski

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-Theocracy -Alice Cooper -Red Hot Chili Peppers

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-The Holy Bible -Bob Morane -Prisoners of the Paradise Island

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