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Sherwinator said:
Another one to add to the list. Dragonball Budokai Tenkiachi 2 has a thoroughly awesome OST - See below - its immense, esp when playing!

Some of the older DBZ games had pretty good tracks too:

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 - Trunk's Theme

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 - Trunk's Theme

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 - Goku SSJ3 Theme

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai - Namek Level/Challenger Theme

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Been meaning to add this OST for a while now. This game's OST has a very Celtic theme, and therefore any fans of Wind Waker's OST should be quite fond of this one. I know I am. The Celtic influence is stronger here, but if you're a fan of that type of music in general, definitely give some of these a listen. You can't help but hum or whistle along to some of them.

Moving Clouds on the River's Surface
Twilight in Dreamland
Echoes at the Mountain Peak
Shudder, Monster
Eternal Oath
Magic is Everything
Promised Grace
Voice of Wind, Song of Time
Goblin's Lair
Monster's Dance ~Rondo~
Something Burns in the Heart
Leaving the Body Freely
Sleeping Treasure in the Sand
Aiming Towards the New World
When the Northern Sky Was Clear
Across the Divide
Sad Monster
Unite, Descent

Our member of the week

If you liked FFCC music Azuardo, then you ought to LOVE...

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : The Crystal Bearers
Best soundtrack in the Crystal Chronicles sub-series IMHO. It mixes lots of different genres, mainly celtic, metal and country. There's even jazz and tango ! The whole soundtrack is awesome but I only put here those which, to me, define the game's soundtrack.

Hidenori Iwasaki - Crystal Chronicles Ramble
Hidenori Iwasaki - Zu Ambush ~ Sky Dive!
Hidenori Iwasaki - Alfitalia Capital
Hidenori Iwasaki - Althea
Hidenori Iwasaki - Getaway
Ryo Yamazaki - Ruins
Hidenori Iwasaki - Lett Higlands
Hidenori Iwasaki - Catch and Throw
Ryo Yamazaki - The Pioneer Spirit
Hidenori Iwasaki - Bridge Town
Ryo Yamazaki - Snarky Tough Guy
Hidenori Iwasaki - Selkie Guild
(My personal favourite Smilie)
Ryo Yamazaki - Costa Faguita
Ryo Yamazaki - Girls, We Have to Win!
Hidenori Iwasaki - Freezing Heat
Hidenori Iwasaki - Vineyard
Ryo Yamazaki - Moonless Starry Night
(a remix of a track from the first FFCC)
Ryo Yamazaki - Veo Lu Sluice
(a tango retake of "Promised Grace" from the first FFCC)
Kumi Tanioka - Hidden Tales of Adventure
(This one I think was taken straight from the first FFCC but I'm not sure)
Ryo Yamazaki - Final Showdown
Ryo Yamazaki - This is the End for You!

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Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Ah Kafei, thanks a lot for sharing those. I've played a few hours of Crystal Bearers but stopped for some reason or another (probably got a new game), and I loved the diversity of the soundtrack. It was pretty bold in delivering a lot of different genres, kinda like FFXIII did, but it pays off really well. Relistening to some of these and hearing some new ones really makes me want to play it again. I love the new renditions of the first CC tracks, and I also remember really liking Selkie Guild too. I only recently listened to the original's OST, so I can tell you Hidden Tales of Adventure wasn't in that one, but it shares similarities with more than one track from the GC game.

You've definitely inspired me to get around to playing this game again at some point, so thanks again for sharing.

Sin and Punishment 1 and 2 have outstanding music tracks. Here is a taster of some of the music - enjoy Smilie

Sin and Punishment - Heroine A


Sin and Punishment 2 - Morph


and - Possibly, one of the most EPIC BOSS music tracks ever:


( Edited 16.07.2011 01:11 by Sherwinator )

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A game which I consider as having one of the most incredible soundtracks of all time

Ys III - Wanderers from Ys
The game was released on a LOT of machines, from japanese-only computers to home consoles. The three major home console versions, all released in North America, were the SNES one (the one that I own and the first one I played), the Genesis/Megadrive one, and the PC-Engine/Turbografx-16 version (the one I prefer and the one I played most).

I'll post music from the latter, because that version was released for the CD-Rom� add-on, and so the music was in redbook audio CD format. To me, that's the best version as far as sound goes, but the remake for PC and PSP, Oath in Felghana, also as incredible orchestrated renditions. the soundtrack isn't very long, so I'll just post up my absolute favourites.

The Boy's Got Wings
Be Careful
Ilbern Ruins
Valestine Castle

Azuardo said:
You've definitely inspired me to get around to playing this game again at some point, so thanks again for sharing.

I can understand that you dropped the game in favour of another. Its repetitiveness prevents it from really hooking the player I think. But nonetheless, I think it's a game worth playing. It's super good looking, has an interesting narrative, lovable characters and an amazing soundtrack. The only problem is the repetitive gameplay :/.

( Edited 16.07.2011 17:11 by Kafei2006 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

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Really want to share these two awesome pieces of music from...

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Black Rose
Gateway to Destiny (final boss)

Loved the game to bits and just been reminded of some of its fantastic music.

And seeing as I'm going through FFIX, I'm in that mood and just have to share some more FF goodness.

Final Fantasy IX

A Place to Call Home
Battle 1
Cid's Theme / Lindblum Castle
- This theme has forever been engraved into my head, and I still to this day often find myself humming it randomly.
Hunter's Chance
Kingdom of Burmecia
- Another theme that fits the location so well, especially the first time in the story you get there. The heavy rain effects in the actual game add to this already amazing theme. In fact, listen to this at the same time to get almost the full effect.
The Wavering Blade
Gargan Roo
Rose of May
Black Mage Village
Something to Protect
Look Back, See the Frog!
Mount Gulug
- I absolutely love this theme. I remember requesting it loads on FF Radio back when I was about 14 in high school. It's had a special place in my heart for so many years. It plays in a place where the story begins to take a change, and you begin to think "Where am I, what's going on, and what's going to happen next?". The music reflects the beautiful land and calm yet somewhat strange nature of the people you come across. I want to go into more detail but those who've played it will know exactly what I'm talking about, and those that haven't need to play it for themselves. It's simply amazing how well Nobuo portrayed so many questions and feelings that the game's storyline and location pose up through this one theme.
Bran Bal, the Soulless Village
Not Alone - Again, another fantastic piece that fits the scene so well. Zidane learns who he is and tries to go it alone...
Another Nightmare
The Darkness of Eternity
The Final Battle
Kuja's Theme (Millennium Version)


The first Disgaea game has some amazing music, but this is my favorite. So damn epic!

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^ Man, thank you so much for introducing me to that. I am well into all that kinda trance/techno remix stuff, and listen to trance remixes of Final Fantasy music a lot. So when I heard this, I was just like "Yeaaahhhh!" XD

Our member of the week

Since we're on Final Fantasy IX, thought I'd share my personal favourites, since they're not in your selection Azuardo Smilie (except for Mount Gulug, excellent take on a theme from FF1).

Vivi's Theme ~ Alexandria Theme
Jesters of the Moon ~ Zorn & Thorn's Theme
Steiner's Theme
(different from Lindblum Castle)
Theme of the Tantalus
City That Never Sleeps ~ Treno Theme

And finally, my personal favourite in the whole game
Vamo' Alla Flamenco ~ Chocobo Hot & Cold Theme

Definitely my personal favourite PS1 Final Fantasy by far Smilie

And since I'm here already, might as well post more of my personal choices Smilie.

Soul Blazer
An early SNES Action-RPG by Enix/Quintet, which we Europeans were lucky to get, considering most RPGs didn't even reach Europe back then. The old-school sound of this soundtrack is brilliant IMHO. The compositions are made by Yukihide Takekawa and Kazz Tomaya.

Invitation to the Overworld
(EPIC !!!)
The Mine
Into the Dream
Lostside Marsh
Solitary Island
Ice Field of Laynole

And last but not least, my favourite :
Magridd castle

( Edited 24.07.2011 23:45 by Kafei2006 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

For sure, man, I could just have easily have added those in too, as they're all great. I love Vamo'alla Flamenco; it makes replaying the already awesome Chocobo Hot and Cold even better. I do think FFIX's soundtrack is one of the best in the series, certainly along with FFXIII in my opinion. A mix of just about everything, and each one just plain brilliant.

Some cool tracks from Soul Blazer there. On the topic of old school games I'm gonna throw in some from one of my favourite puzzlers ever:

Tetris Attack
Yoshi's Lesson
Yoshi's Stage
Breeze Stage
Forest Stage
Ice Stage
Blaze Stage
Water Stage
Flower Stage
Moon Stage
Cave Stage
Bowser's Stage
A Walk on a Rainbow


Breath of Fire IV. Out on Japan's PSN. Along with Chrono Trigger, Tomba!, Klonoa, Ys IV,etc. And I believe Bushido Blade. (not sure.)

Anyway. Would love to play bof4/Chrono Cross on my psp. Smilie

Anyway. Would love to play bof4/Chrono Cross on my psp.

You can if you mod it ;]

Our member of the week

Following on Soul Blazer... behold its (spiritual) successor

Illusion of Time (aka Illusion of Gaia)
Another SNES Action-RPG by Enix/Quintet, which got a different title in Europe for some reason. Not as many memorable tracks as in Soul Blazer, in my opinion (different composer, that could be the reason). The compositions are made by Yasuhiro Kawasaki.

The Age of Exploration
South Cape,The Town by the sea
Danger Abounds ~ Edward's Prison Theme
Dark Space
Itory, the Hidden Village

And as usual, there's one that I like more than the others :

In the Earthen Womb

There was another one, but the titles in the OST I have in SPC format are completely different and I can't find its equivalent with the titles used on Youtube.

( Edited 26.07.2011 21:13 by Kafei2006 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

<-~ Sucks at modding. Smilie

The music that plays at the end of pokemon Red and Blue when you fight Lance. I don't know what it is about that song, but I haven't played that game in years and can still hum the whole thing all the way through. I believe somebody made a rock/metal remake on youtube somewhere... I'm gonna have to find that.

Edit: And Here it is! Beware! It really is the heavy metal version of the song.

( Edited 05.08.2011 06:42 by Duggler657 )

This game cannot be forgotten! I loved the music. Smilie



More FF music.

Decisive Battle - Final Fantasy 6 (awesome guitar version).

Final Fantasy 7 - Boss Battle (awesome guitar version again).

( Edited 17.08.2011 23:05 by Stulaw )

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Absolutely love this song!

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I've been listening to the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack a lot over the past two days. It's brought back so many great Cubed 3 memories from when Super Mario Galaxy was launched. I think it was the last time I saw the majority of Cubed 3 so excited for a Nintendo game. Just about everyone was excited actually, even members who didn't own a Wii.

I miss those times, so I'm hoping Skyward Sword is the Galaxy of Zelda's (as in it's really super special).

The Best Four:

Good Egg Galaxy: Remember landing on Good Egg Galaxy for the first time and this hitting your ears as Mario lands on the planet? It was an amazing experience to have and I just remember moving Mario around with a big grin on my face and playing around with the gravity elements.

Gusty Garden Galaxy: I think most of us heard this piece before the game came out? Nintendo released a video of the Super Mario Galaxy Orchestra playing it. We all feel in love with it straight away and I remember it sending shivers down me. What a wonderful moment it was when you finally heard it in the game. Lots of people wanted this one on MP3 so they could listen to it whenever, which showed just how great it was.

Melty Molten Galaxy: My favourite Galaxy in the game and also one of my favourite pieces of music. This one took me by surprise the most, at the time, since I hadn't heard the music before or even seen the stage, before I got the game. The larger environment was beautiful and featured some of the most impressive visuals in the game. The part where Mario shot out of the volcano is one of the most iconic moments for me and literally made me say "wow" when I first experienced it.

Space Junk Galaxy: This one was the most beautiful and relaxing pieces in the game. I'd end up leaving the game for a minute or two just to take in the surroundings and listen to this. Absolutely fantastic and the reference to Pikmin in this Galaxy was a nice little surprise.

Enjoy. Smilie

( Edited 01.09.2011 18:58 by Marzy )

Boshi said:
<-~ Sucks at modding. Smilie

Don't think there's anything to it now if you've got the right PSP. I can help if you're interested.

Anyway, just recently discovered this one from playing SF3 Third Strike. Digging it!


( Edited 13.09.2011 23:23 by Azuardo )

This is towards the end of Xenoblade, it's the battle music, and it's awesome.

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@Stulaw: Going by your description, I was actually expecting this music, which happens to be my favorite soundtrack of the game. The one you posted is the normal named enemy boss music (hence the name of the soundtrack). Smilie


( Edited 13.09.2011 23:46 by SirLink )

Oh yeah, that's what I was looking for actually, I like both, but yeah that one's better.

( Edited 13.09.2011 23:49 by Stulaw )

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